Taylor Nieri and James Thorp may have been 13 years apart in age, but if you asked their friends, they were “soulmates.”

According to the Daily Mail, 22-year-old Nieri and 35-year-old Thorp met by chance while on a beach in Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands in Australia in 2016.

So so lucky ❤ Thorpie ThorpPC: Emily Lenzo

Posted by Taylor Nieri on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

They married soon after and moved to the U.S., where Nieri was born, to start their lives together. According to friend Emily Lenzo the “full moon” was a symbol of the pair’s relationship:

The full moon is a symbolic feature in Thorpie and Taylor’s relationship. After a chance meeting on a beach in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia their first night together was spent on a tropical island nestled beneath a tree on a full moon night in July (2016). Since this fairytale beginning, their life together has been what they regard as a dream come true. Their deep connection to one another, their shared adventures and travels have helped to galvanize a loving bond that they hope to share for a lifetime.

Sadly, their whirlwind romance came to an abrupt end on July 15 after their car crashed while driving down a highway in Oregon.

As the Daily Mail reports, Nieri, who was wearing her seat belt, was driving at the time of the single-car accident. According to police, the accident was the result of a blown tire that caused her to lose control of the car.

LOVE AND LIVE ? all is well in our world

Posted by Taylor Nieri on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nieri died on impact while Thorp, who was not wearing a seat belt, survived. He suffered a handful of injuries including multiple fractures, a punctured lung, a punctured spleen, and a broken pelvis.

What makes this story even more heartbreaking is that Nieri believed she was destined to die young.

Posted by Taylor Nieri on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nieri’s friend, Megan Ganim, explained on her “DieWild” blog that just days before her unexpected death, Nieri revealed that she was so happy with the life she had so far lived that dying tomorrow would be “fine.” She said:

“I mean, I just live such a good life. I truly feel that I am just so lucky to be living the best life that how could I not die young? If I die tomorrow, it would be fine.”

Lenzo echoed those sentiments on Nieri’s GoFundMe page:

“Although Thorpie and Taylor only had one year together, they both found a soulmate in each other and unconditionally loved one another with no doubts or reservations. Taylor often expressed her overwhelming love and satisfaction for her new husband and her perfect life.”

Following her death, Nieri’s father, Bob Nieri, took to Facebook to express the heartbreak of losing a daughter.

Tay I love you with all my heart I will miss you. My Heart is so broken. I love you Taylor Nieri

Posted by Bob Nieri on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

He wrote:

Tay, I love you with all my heart, I will miss you. My heart is so broken. I love you.

According to the Daily Mail, Nieri and Thorp had plans of returning to Australia one day to open a sea-kayaking expedition business. Unfortunately, Thorp will now have to return to his native country alone, where he will face a long recovery process.


GoFundMe accounts have been set up to help Thorp pay for medical bills and for Nieri’s funeral expenses. She is set to be laid to rest in early August.

Hopefully, Nieri’s family can take solace in knowing that she couldn’t have been happier with how her life turned out.

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