Xanthel Linares, 24, was driving down the road in Hesperia, California, early Friday morning when she lost control of her vehicle.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Linares’s car flipped over and fell into an aqueduct. And as her car started to sink to the bottom of the water, she called her mom.

In a press conference recorded by KTLA, Linares’s mother, Patricia Linares, told reporters her daughter was terrified when she spoke to her on the phone:

“She said, ‘Mommy, the car. I went in the water … The aqueduct, mommy.’ She was screaming desperately.”

As Patricia broke down in tears, her other daughter, Annette Linares, repeated Xanthel’s final words:

“The last words that she was able to say to my mom before she went under completely and was no longer able to speak were ‘I love you.’”

Annette explained Xanthel was the youngest of five children, she was a cancer survivor, and she had been through a kidney transplant. She was also studying to become a social worker.

Xanthel’s car had crashed through the wire fence that protected cars from running off the road. KTLA reports that another family crashed into the same spot in March 2017:

Now, Xanthel’s family plans to advocate for safer barriers around the aqueduct where their youngest daughter was killed. They’ve put together a GoFundMe page to help cover her funeral expenses.

Watch the story, via KTLA, below.

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