Three assisted living workers allegedly failed to help a dying woman who was suffering from a stroke. Instead, they mocked the patient in a video titled “The End.”

As WXIA reports, Lizeth Jocelyn Cervantes-Ramirez, 19, Jorden Lanah Bruce, 21, and Mya Janai Moss, 21, were all caretakers at Bentley Assisted Living in Georgia near Atlanta.

The workers decided to record a video of a 76-year-old who had just suffered a stroke a few minutes earlier.

While waiting for the woman’s hospice worker to arrive, they reportedly ignored the patient and posted a video on Snapchat. 

The women in the video can be seen smoking a vape cigarette while laughing and screaming profanity. 

Jefferson Police Detective Jay Parker said:

“They should have been watching her.

It was my understanding she was having difficulty swallowing, also, with moving around.

She could have choked, fallen off the bed — anything. Since she’d had a stroke, her condition had worsened and her health was declining, so that was a serious time they were experiencing.”

Parker added:

“They were obviously more interested in playing on the phone and making the video and cutting up and making a joke of the situation.”

The woman has since died. Police are investing whether the employees’ actions contributed to her death. 

According to the Stroke Association, it normally takes four to five months for a stroke victim to recover.

Survivors are at a high risk of having another stroke.  

The New York Post reports that another worker saw the video of the workers taunting the patient and reported the women. 

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

The executive director of the center emailed a statement to WXIA. The director wrote: 

We can confirm the recent termination of the three Bentley employees in connection with unprofessional behavior at work. Upon learning about this incident, we promptly contacted the Jefferson Police Department and an investigation was started. No resident’s condition was compromised as a result of this unfortunate event.


It is our privilege to be entrusted with the care of the residents of this community and we will never tolerate from our staff anything less than the utmost respect and care for each of our residents.”

After the three women were arrested on June 22. Moss and Bruce were each released on a $10,000 bond.

The Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) asked that Ramirez be detained. The facility addressed Ramirez’ citizen status by stating: 

All employees must produce the required documentation that proves they are either U.S. citizens or legally permitted to work in the United States— which these three individuals did. We do not hire illegal immigrants. An ICE detention does not mean an individual was working illegally.

The women have not commented on the allegations. 

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