Chloe Rodgerson had her future planned out, which included dreams of becoming a Broadway star.

As FOX13 reports, Broadway director Jeff Whiting knew the 20-year-old woman was on her way to the New York stage before a mysterious illness stopped Rodgerson in her tracks:

“I feel very strongly that had Chloe been able to continue on her path that she’d be here in New York and working on Broadway.”

But the life she was hoping for came to a sudden halt when she began vomiting up blood in 2015. The Utah woman’s life took a dramatic turn when she ended up in the ICU, where doctors struggled to figure out what was wrong with her.


Rodgerson explained:

“They were checking me for lupus, they were checking me for Crohn’s disease, or a combination of a bunch of different diseases. Nothing was adding up until we got a call from the FDA asking if we’d consumed Costco chicken salad.”

The answer was yes, she had eaten the chicken salad.

As it turns out, she was one of 19 people who contracted E. coli from it.


Even worse, Rodgerson was told she had contracted a severe form:

“So it wasn’t just E.coli. I had the worst type of E.coli which was ‘e-hec 0157’ that completely eats up your system.”

According to Delish, 10 of her family and friends also ate the chicken salad and suffered through a temporary illness that caused gas pains, diarrhea, and stomach cramping. Rodgerson’s pain, on the other hand, has been long term; she is still suffering two years later.

The woman developed (HUS,) Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, which affects five percent of people who fall ill from E. coli. That diagnosis caused Rodgerson’s extreme list of medical problems to include end stage renal failure, epilepsy, and diabetes.

Even more, the tainted chicken salad caused Rodgerson to endure staph infections and multiple surgeries, including the removal of her large intestine and a kidney transplant, which came from her husband a month after their wedding.

Her illness has caused her to endure frequent trips to the hospital for dehydration:

“Since I do not have a large intestine, it is hard for my body to keep the right amount of fluids necessary for kidney function.”

And Rodgerson has been forced to live with seizures and sickness due to her weak immune system:

“It’s crazy to think I had such big goals like acting for film or Broadway when now my biggest goals are to make it through the month without getting admitted.”

Rodgerson was also told she will no longer be able to have children.


Her medical bills have now stacked up to reach two million dollars, an amount the 20-year-old woman can’t afford:

“I don’t have $2 million and I’m not going to have sufficient resources to keep myself alive going forward in the future.”

As a result, she is suing Costco for the mounting hospital bills and for missing out on her chance to work in the entertainment world, as the damage to her skills from the E. coli have caused them to be “permanently diminished.”

Costco agreed to comply with the lawsuit, but has not commented.

Rodgerson said:

“I have been drowning in hospital bills and they have been silent on the issue.”

According to The Mayo Clinic, contaminated water or food, especially raw vegetables, and undercooked ground beef creates the most common exposure to E. coli.

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