When 69-year-old Theresa Plummer found her 45-year-old son unresponsive in his home, she immediately called for help. After being rushed to the hospital, she learned from officials that they believed he overdosed.

According to WPXI, she stayed by his side in the hospital before deciding to go back to his home and clean up the mess of drugs and drug paraphernalia her son had left behind.

But, tragically, that landed her in the hospital as well.

According to WPXI, officials believe whatever drug she was cleaning up was either so strong that it absorbed into her skin and cause her to overdose or that she had a reaction to the drug paraphernalia.

She died on November 6, the same day she was brought to the hospital.

Her son passed away the next day.

It’s still unclear what drugs officials believe the Plummers were exposed to; their toxicology reports should be completed in about eight weeks.

But County coroner Jeff Lees told WPXI that people should learn from this tragedy:

“This is a caution for safety, for anyone coming into contact with any type of powder substance. You should use extreme caution and notify the proper authorities.”

Per WPXI, Theresa’s obituary read she “enjoyed rescuing animals and spending time with her family and grandchildren,” and her son’s read he “enjoyed the outdoors and sports.”

Though she left a family behind, including her husband, her other three children, and her grandchildren, Theresa died doing what she loved: Helping her children.

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