A 22-year-old Iranian woman has supposedly undergone 50 cosmetic surgeries to look like her idol, actress Angelina Jolie. The purported surgeries caused drastic changes to Sahar Tabar’s appearance and have been exaggerated by colored contact lenses and makeup.


According to Unilad, the teenager has said that she “would do anything” to look like Jolie. Some people believe that she is just using prosthetics and makeup to achieve the look.

Sahar Tabar/Instagram

Tabar shared the photos of herself on her Instagram account, and users had very strong feelings about the drastic surgeries. Many comments from users had a consistent theme, using one-word descriptors like “zombie,” “scary,” “corpse bride,” “disgusting,” and “not human.”


K3rryl33ann3 wrote:

This will actually give me nightmares….??#surgerygonewrong

Many of the commenters expressed shock at her appearance and were poking fun at the extreme surgery. But some users seemed to recognize that it could be indicative of something more serious.

Allieneko wrote:

Mental illness is an understatement

Sunita_patrick commented:

Serious matter

nancyfayebryant wrote:

Seek professional help

In an interview with CNN, Dr. Eva Ritvo, a psychiatrist and associate professor at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine in Florida, said:

“The quest to look like somebody else is never going to be healthy. Each person should be the best version of themselves, not be another version of somebody else. Each person has unique talents, abilities and appearance — you should maximize that instead of hunting down a desire to look like Angelina Jolie.”

She continued to tell CNN that when people want to change their appearance to match a celebrity, it may be a sign of severe mental disorder, like borderline personality disorder or psychosis.

CNN also interviewed Dr. Tony Youn, a Michigan-based plastic surgeon, who turns down patients who want to change their appearance to look like a celebrity.

Youn said:

“It’s a red flag. This person has psychological problems and is not a good candidate for any kind of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is meant to make you look like a better, younger version of yourself, not to look like somebody else.”

Youn continued to say that such extreme plastic surgeries raise ethical issues.

He said:

“[It’s] unethical to take a person and perform an elective surgery that could be dangerous to make them look like a celebrity. It’s morally wrong to do that— especially when they are young and have low self-esteem— to take advantage and take their money to make them look different.”

As for Tabar, The Daily Mail reports that she lost 40 kg, equivalent to roughly 88 pounds, in order to look more like Jolie.

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