An Arkansas woman’s accidental text message had some major unintended consequences recently.

According to local authorities, Mayflower police told Fox 16 that the woman sent a message to the wrong number last month and quickly started to receive messages of a sexual nature.

In order to shake off the stranger’s unwanted advances, she told him that she was a 12-year-old child.

But that only made matters worse.

She told police that the man only increased his efforts and soon started sending her sexually explicit photos. The woman was so horrified that she quickly turned the messages over to Mayflower police.

Lt. Wesley Tyra told Fox 16:

“We basically took the information that she had gathered from him and hers communication and built a case file from that.”

Authorities were able to identify the man as 57-year-old Australian citizen, Andrew Scherell. And they came up with a plan to catch him, according to Arkansas Online.

Faulkner County Jail

Mayflower police started communicating with Scherell, pretending to be a 14-year-old friend of the fictitious 12-year-old.

Again, the 57-year-old sent sexually explicit messages and even asked for the fake 14-year-old to join him “someplace more private where he would have sexual intercourse,” according to an affidavit.

On Friday, authorities were able to get Scherell to agree to meet up with the supposed 14-year-old girl in Greenbrier for sex, then police sat and waited. And he fell right into their trap.

The 57-year-old showed up ready to meet the 14-year-old, and even brought some beer along for her to drink. He was promptly arrested by Mayflower police. Tyra told Fox 16:

“You have to act on this kind of stuff because they’re predators. That’s what they do.”

Scherell was arrested was charged with one count of internet stalking of a child. He is currently being held at Faulkner County jail without bond.

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