Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Chris Mahone was gearing up for the happiest day of his life — marrying his fiancée, Rachel Doran.

But first, he and 29 of his friends were headed to Ibiza for the bachelor party of a lifetime. According to the Daily Mail, Doran persuaded Mahone to let her organize the four-day trip, leaving her in charge of airfare and hotel bookings.

Mahone and his best man collected the money from their friends — each coughing up nearly $600. The men, some of whom make less than $300 a week, had been saving for ages to afford their pal’s bachelor party adventure.

One relative told The Sun that Mahone thought Doran was:

“The most amazing fiancée ever, for organizing the stag and everything.”

However, when the men reached Leeds-Bradford airport in England, they were told that their tickets were not valid.

Upon phoning the hotel at their destination, they learned that no reservation had ever been made.

The Sun reported that one of Mahone’s friends said:

“We contacted Rachel and she was adamant it was genuine. Then she offered to pay for flights there and then. After that we couldn’t get ahold of her. She just vanished.”

Doran had conned Mahone and his 29 friends into shelling out over $17,000 in total on a fake bachelor party. The friends claimed that she gave them fake boarding passes to keep them off her trail.

By the time they connected the dots, Doran had fled from the home she shared with her ex-fiancé.

Doran is now believed to be hiding out in a “caravan park after being disowned by her family.”

Some of the friends were insistent on going on vacation and approached the booking desk to organize a spontaneous trip to “make the most out of a bad situation.” However, Mahone himself was too saddened and angered by the turn of events to join, and therefore returned home to an empty house.

Mahone’s friends are “devastated” for him. One of the pals who went on vacation said:

“We’re just drinking loads all day. Chris is the nicest person in the world, I just can’t believe it’s happened to him.”

Mahone took to Facebook to unnecessarily apologize to his friends:

He wrote, in part:

Well words cannot describe the pain and feels that are playing with my head today, I totally want to apologize to all my fantastic mates that were gonna celebrate what was supposed to be my stag do, I can’t apologize enough, I’m sorry boys I really am.

His friends replied with comments that expressed nothing but support.

Sources told The Sun that Doran “was seeking revenge,” believing Mahone had cheated on her. His friends denied that claim.

However, Doran’s family is “devastated, embarrassed and disgusted — they won’t even come out of the house,” her grandmother told the newspaper.

Doran’s brother, Ryan Doran, wrote:

She will get what’s coming to her! She’s got no f****r now! How a person can do something like that is beyond me! Evil cow!

Mahone’s mom also spoke out.

“Thank you to his friends for being there for my son,” she wrote on Facebook. “Hopefully he will get back to that good old lad he used to be.”

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