When Susan Malysa’s mother found her grandson alone in the basement, she turned her daughter in to the police.

As WKBN First News reports, the way Malysa treated her 11-year-old son already had his grandmother worried about abuse. So when Malysa told her mom she was taking her daughter swimming — and leaving her son behind — alarm bells went off.

Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office

While the 32-year-old mom from Boardman, Ohio, went to the YMCA for a swim, the grandmother drove to the family home to check on Malysa’s son.

She found the boy alone in the basement, duct-taped to a metal chair. The child’s hands were bound with duct tape, and tape also covered his mouth.

The grandmother was so disturbed by what she saw that she didn’t free the boy until police arrived. She later told authorities that she wanted them to see exactly how he had been treated.

Police Sergeant Charles Hillman told WKBN:

“The relatives had not cut the duct tape away. They were concerned he was duct taped rather tightly, so they were concerned about doing that in a safe manner. Our response was quick. A couple officers were there within minutes. They were able to cut the duct tape off and free him.”

Though the boy had not been tied up for very long, police say he was cold and shaking after his experience. The tape left marks on his skin, and his face and neck were bruised.

According to WFMJ News, as worried as she was about the boy’s well-being, the grandmother did tell police the boy’s injuries might have been self-inflicted — she said he sometimes lies about what happens to him. The grandmother added that the boy’s mother claimed he had smeared feces on the walls and stuffed animals the night before.

Police arrested Malysa while she was still at the YMCA pool. She was charged with felony child endangering. Though Malysa attempted to give her own account of what happened at the subsequent court hearing, the judge told her it was “not the time” to talk about it.

Malysa was released on a $10,000 bond and has been forbidden any contact with her children.

This is not the first time police have investigated an abuse allegation concerning Malysa and her son. In April 2016, the boy told his school his mother had hit him with a hammer. Though authorities investigated, no charges were filed.

Hillman told WFMJ that the boy was taken to the hospital after being freed from the duct tape and is doing well. He is currently in the care of relatives.
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