It’s been two days since the shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and those who survived the massacre have started speaking out.

One of the survivors, Rosa Solis, who was shot in the shoulder, spoke to ABC News about what it was like to be in the church Sunday morning.

She told ABC that the rampage started as soon as Kelley stepped into the church:

“Everybody was so quiet, you could only hear the sound of the bullets, and then people screaming and people crying and ‘Mama, where are you? Mama?'”

Solis explained that once the shooting began, there was nowhere for them to go. They were trapped inside, as bullets were flying in every direction.

The grandmother told ABC News the words Kelley spoke to those inside the church. According to Solis, as Kelley continued to fire off his weapon — reloading close to a dozen times — he had one last message for his victims:

“Everybody dies, motherf**kers.”

The only thing Solis could do in those moments was to lay low, using her arms to shield her head and her neck. She told ABC News that she remembers wishing she hadn’t attended church that morning, like her husband suggested.

Solis told ABC News:

“I shouldn’t have gone to church that day. He told me not to go, ‘Let’s not go, let’s just wait until next week.’ And I’m never going to see my grandchildren again and I’m going to die.”

Authorities believe the shooting was neither racially nor religiously charged. Per ABC News, Kelley’s mother-in-law sometimes attended First Baptist Church. Kelley had “expressed anger towards” her and sent “threatening texts.”

A source told ABC News that Kelley had a mission:

“He was there to kill everybody. He is a mass killer of children and people … he is a horrible monster.”

Kelley was shot by good Samaritan Stephen Willeford as he attempted to make a getaway. During the high-speed chase that ensued, Kelley allegedly called his father on his cellphone to let him know “that he had been shot and didn’t think he was going to make it,” ABC News reported.

Soon after making the phone call, it is believed that Kelley took his own life. Authorities found the 26-year-old’s body with three bullet wounds — two are believed to be from Willeford, while the third was a self-inflicted wound to the head.

Kelley killed at least 26 innocent people ranging in ages from 17 months to 77 years old. At least 20 others, including Solis, were left injured.

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