A Georgia woman spent three months in jail after cops mistakingly took her old cotton candy for meth. Now she’s suing Monroe County after a wrongful roadside arrest.

WMAZ reports, Dasha Fincher was arrested December 31, 2016, after being pulled over for potentially having window tints that were too dark. Fincher’s windows were reportedly legal, but cops spotted a light blue substance and thought it was methamphetamine.


Fincher told the station:

“Then they found the cotton candy in the floorboard of the car.”

Authorities asked the woman what was in the bag, she told officers the bag contained cotton candy but authorities thought otherwise. According to the arrest report:

Based on the packaging and crystal like feature, Corporal Williams tested the substance.

The roadside kit tested positive for methamphetamine and Fincher was put in jail for meth trafficking with the intent to sell until March 2017 because she couldn’t pay the $1 million bond.


Three months later lab tests found “no controlled substances confirmed in the sample.” Fincher was cleared of all charges. She said:

“I want Monroe County to pay for they did to me.”

The woman filed a lawsuit against the county on Thursday. Fincher told the station she was devastated to miss major life events while locked up.


She said:

“My daughter had a miscarriage. I wasn’t there for that. My twin grandsons were born. I missed that.

I never want to go through this again.”

Back in July 2016, a 64-year-old Florida man was arrested after police thought his blue glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut crumbs suspiciously looked like meth crystals, reports NPR.

According to a ProPublica and The New York Times investigation, tens of thousands of people have been arrested and sent to jail each year for possession based on false positives from roadside kits.

Fincher said she happy to be back home with family again but the event was extremely traumatic.

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