Manda Grover and her husband Richard had been trying to get pregnant for years. Due to an array of challenges, it seemed impossible.

After many failed attempts at conceiving naturally, the Grovers decided to pursue testing and fertility treatments. One of the tests revealed that Grover had a medical condition called endometriosis, in which endometrial tissue that is supposed to be inside the uterus is outside the uterus, and that one of her fallopian tubes were blocked.

According to Daily Mail, Grover said:

“The internal scans, the probing, the bloating – it wasn’t glamorous but I hoped it would all be worth it.”

The Grovers attempted multiple fertility treatments with no success. After a miscarriage, they attempted one more treatment, and when that didn’t work, they froze two of Grover’s eggs.

Years later, Grover read “The Secret,” a book written by Ronda Byrne about the law of attraction. The book argues that people can manifest the life they want through intentional and positive thoughts.

She would firmly tell herself:

“I will have twins.”

With this newfound optimism and belief that she could change her life through her thoughts, she decided to implant the two frozen embryos. Five weeks later, she was told she was pregnant with twins.

Seven weeks later, she was told that there was a high probability that her babies had Down syndrome. The odds were one in eighty for her girl and one in eight for her boy. Further testing confirmed that her boy had Down syndrome. After the test, a medical professional offered her the opportunity to abort her son. She was surprised by the question and declined.

The couple had been relieved and thrilled to learn they were finally having kids, so it was a shocking blow to Grover when her doctors encouraged her to abort one of her babies.

Because she was in her forties, the pregnancy had higher risks involved and she would go in often for scans. After every scan, she would be asked by a medical professional if she wanted to continue with the pregnancy. The frequency of the question upset Grover.

She said:

“I immediately declined, I had waited so long for my babies. The thought that I would be getting rid of one, or even risk losing both was just not an option….At every scan after that…I was asked about whether I was happy to continue with the pregnancy…Needless to say, of course I was, but the question became hurtful and tedious.”

The twins, Jack and Jessica, were born four weeks early, but both were healthy.

The attending doctor told her that he was sorry that she had a child with Down syndrome. But Grover wasn’t sorry. She wanted to keep her son and valued him. She was just happy that after so many frustrating years of trying, she finally had kids.

Grover said:

“I remember that after telling us about Jack, the doctor actually apologized. I couldn’t understand what for. I explained that we have two beautiful babies, both healthy that we’d waited six years to come into our lives. They were a miracle— no one should feel sorry about that.”

Grover worries about how the parents of other children will perceive Jack once he starts going to school, but ultimately, she can’t imagine a world without her son.

Grover explained:

‘Two babies that in my eyes are just as perfect as one another. Looking at Jack, it’s hard to believe that if I’d taken the advice of many people along the line, my beautiful, happy and healthy boy would not be here today, and the world would be a sadder place for it.’

And it is to Grover’s credit that she saw her son’s potential and gave him the chance to bring joy to others.

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