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Woman Who Kidnapped Kamiyah Mobley at Birth Says What She Did Wasn’t Selfish— But She Wouldn’t Do It Again

For the first 16 years of Kamiyah Mobley’s life, she thought her name was Alexis Kelli Manigo.

It wasn’t until she began looking for a job that she learned the woman she was led to believe was her biological mom was in fact her kidnapper. 

As Independent Journal Review previously reported, on July 10, 2016, Kamiyah learned that she was unable to apply for the job she wanted as a waitress because the woman she thought was her mom, Gloria Williams, was unable to provide her with a birth certificate and a social security card.

She was unable to provide those things because Williams, as she then admitted to an 16-year-old Kamiyah, kidnapped her out of a Florida hospital the day she was born.

Following this confession, Williams was arrested and charged for her 16 year old crime. She pleaded guilty to kidnapping.

At her sentencing hearing, Williams told the court that she wasn’t in the right frame of mind the day she stole Kamiyah from her birth parents. 

She had just lost a child of her own and had walked into the hospital to look at the infants in the ward. She said she didn’t have a plan to steal a child that day.

Upon entering the hospital and seeing the new children that had just entered the world, Williams met Kamiyah’s birth mother, Shanara Mobley, for the first time.

Shanara was 15 years old at the time, according to First Coast News. Shanara said Williams spent hours with her and Kamiyah that day:

“She was real nice, I trusted her. Oh my God, that woman touched me.”

Williams snuck out of the hospital with Kamiyah in a bag. Shanara said during her testimony that she believed Williams’ crime is punishable by death.

During her testimony, Williams told the court that she has thought about bringing Kamiyah back to her real family multiple times but she couldn’t out of fear. 

At the time Williams kidnapped Kamiyah, she claims that she was in an abusive relationship.

She said during her testimony:

“If I could give you back the last 18 years I would… I can’t tell you where my head and heart were nearly 20 years ago…”

Williams had a hard time describing her actions as selfish, but did admit to doing something wrong before adding, “this was probably the only thing I ever did wrong.”

Williams asked Kamiyah’s biological parents for forgiveness.

She acknowledged that she understands she hurt “her daughter” as well. It wasn’t until she offered her public apology to the teenager during her testimony that Williams stopped calling Kamiyah Alexis and addressed her by her given name:

“I never meant to hurt you. I just love that child so, I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to cause you harm and pain. I’m sorry.”

Williams believes she deserves to be punished for her crime and knows she cannot make things go back to the way they used to be. She said that she would never do what she did again.

She said:

“I’m not a bad person I did a wrong thing… if I could do it all over again, no I wouldn’t do it. I thank god for his grace and his mercies because he’s helped me through this.

I just want to try to make it right, if that’s possible.”

Williams said that if she is ever able to enter back into society that she would be a productive member of society by helping others. She said that she would like to help young girls in abusive relationships.

On May 4, after a two day sentencing hearing, the judge announced that sentencing will be imposed on June 8. While the state asked for the maximum sentence of 22 years, the defense asked for 84.5 months or less.

Kamiyah did not testify at any point during the hearing. As WLTX reports, Kamiyah is still in contact with Williams and that she still has her number under “mommy” in her phone.

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