Like many Texas residents, Arlene Gonzalez Kelsch from Missouri City was impacted by Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flood waters.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Kelsch was inside her home in the suburbs of Houston on Saturday when the water started to rise up around her home.


Before she knew it, the water had gone up and over her backyard fence. And with the flooding came some unexpected visitors.

According to a Facebook video posted by the Kelsch, she spotted a single alligator that had managed to make it over the lowest part of her fence and into the backyard.

The Texas woman said in the video:

“So here’s the gator moving along. You can see him just taking his time. He’s inside of the fence again.”


But when she panned the camera around, Kelsch noticed that there was another surprise guest in her backyard — and he looked ready to climb up on land.

Kelsch told the Houston Chronicle by email:

I went to check on him and saw he had moved to another part of my backyard … but it wasn’t the same alligator! That’s when I see two swimming around our yard. […] Holy crap was my reaction. I felt relatively safe seeing them; it’s kind of cool. As long as I don’t open my door, I’m fine, but it’s still a little creepy.


Luckily, the alligators kept their distance from the Texas woman’s home.

But Kelsch still had to leave her one-story residence after it fell under a mandatory evacuation order, according to a Facebook post.

The Missouri City resident later found refuge with an old junior high friend who lived close by. She wrote on Facebook:

Thank God for junior high friends! Found out Jenny (from around the block) a friend from years ago lives 1 mile from my house. My one story house is in mandatory evacuation and so is hers, but she’s invited us to stay on her 2nd floor. We haven’t seen each other for decades!

Kelsch said she is now “praying” that the hurricane’s devastation comes to an end soon, but for now, it’s unclear when she’ll be able to return to her home.

You can watch her shocking alligator video below:

2017 Alligator-Gate update. Turn on sound.

Posted by Arlene Gonzalez Kelsch on Sunday, August 27, 2017

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