By the time Brittni De La Mora was 25 years old, she was “broken.”

As Brittni wrote on her blog, by her mid-20s, her career was “skyrocketing” — she had already performed in 275 sex scenes in the adult film industry:

I was so far down in life I had nowhere to look but up. I knew that my way in life was not working. I was almost 26 years old, single, broke, and depressed.

Brittni had been told at the beginning of her career to lose weight even though she only weighed 110 pounds. She turned to cocaine to keep the weight off, which then spiraled into a drug addiction that included the use of heroin.

In a video for the series “This is Me TV,” Brittni explained that she relied on drugs to get through her sex scenes:

“I hated myself. I hated my life. I hated what I was doing. I hated being an addict but I couldn’t face filming without the drugs.”

Although Brittni was spiraling downward, she continued to stay in the industry for five more years.

Eventually, Brittni found solace by going to church, but her road to recovery wasn’t easy. For several more years, Brittni struggled with drug use, attempted suicide, and was forced back into pornographic films by a man claiming to help her turn her life around.

A Bible passage en route to film another adult scene inspired Brittni to quit everything — except for church. That’s where she met Richard.

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Richard De La Mora was a leader in their church’s young adult ministry, and the two became friends. They maintained a friendship for a year before realizing there was something more. Richard told “This is Me TV” the transition to dating was “natural”:

“It was so natural because we were already such great friends. And it was just us having a grand time with each other so it was really cool.”

However, there was another dynamic of their relationship. Although Brittni and Richard were dating, they were abstinent.

Just two individuals who passionately love and follow Jesus and in our pursuit of following Christ we came together. #partner

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The pair had been independently inspired to practice celibacy which they then carried into their relationship with each other. As Brittni wrote on her blog:

If an ex-porn star could wait to have sex until marriage, then anyone can do it.

Brittni was celibate for three years, and Richard for seven, before they ended up marrying in 2016.

On her blog, Brittni encourages everyone, whether currently intimate with a partner or not, to practice celibacy before marriage:

I am so grateful that my husband and I chose to honor God over our desires and temptations. We did it the right way because we did it God’s way. Because of this I can truly say that I have been blessed with a great marriage.

Richard and Brittni continue to share their faith with others while running the young adult program at Cornerstone Church in San Diego. Brittni is also the founder of Always Loved, a nonprofit to help women escape all facets of the sex industry, a part of her past she knows all too well.

And it’s Brittni’s past where Richard’s love for his wife deepens. As he told “This Is Me TV”:

“My thought was If I’m going to be in a relationship with this woman, if i’m going to marry this woman one day I want to be a man that’s willing to embrace her past. If i couldn’t embrace her past then I had no right to be able to walk into the future with her.

Richard added: “Even till this day I know all that she has done, but I don’t see her as a product of the past. I see her as a product of grace.”

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