Two teenage girls have been removed from an Indiana woman’s care after police discovered she was subjecting them to severe neglect.

According to an affidavit obtained by WANE, it started in January when the girls’ cousin asked two women to check up on the teens, who were in the care of their mother, Mary Heller.

Decatur Police Department

Neighbors in Decatur, Indiana, had reported that the teens were being mistreated in the past, and said they only saw them every couple of years when they went to check the mail.

When the women arrived to check on the girls, they knew something was seriously wrong. They noticed the windows of the house were covered with paper, then they saw one of the girls.

The affidavit said that the women were greeted by one of the teens, who was “very skinny, having a pale looking complexion, greasy long black hair, and her lips were dry and cracked.”

The women then took the girls for a bite to eat at McDonald’s. That’s where they noticed something even more strange — the teens had “no clue” how to order food. They also told the women they didn’t eat much.

When they went to Walmart afterward, the women noticed that the teens again acted oddly. One teen told them:

“I always dreamed of this, going to the store.”

The teens, allegedly aged 15 and 19, were later returned to the home. But they wouldn’t be there for long.

The girls’ mother contacted 911 the following day after she had allegedly been stuck laying on the floor for more than “20 hours,” according to Fox 4.

She was transported to a Fort Wayne hospital, but not before medics got a good look at the terrifying conditions in which the girls were being kept.

The home allegedly smelled like “rotting flesh” and was covered in brown “smelly stains” and clumps of black hair, according to Fox 4.

Police put the girls in the custody of Child Protective Services after observing the home. They later told police that they were from China and Mongolia, and only had a preschool education after Heller pulled them out of school.

After hearing about the girls’ treatment and their alleged inability to read properly, police arrested Heller for neglect.

The teens were enrolled in middle school, where teachers said they “lacked the basic concept about school,” according to WANE.

Heller was released from the Adams County Jail on bond, and is awaiting her first court date. Watch WANE’s coverage below:

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