Nineteen-year-old Chelsea Smith just had a realization about disc-shaped plastic earring backs and it’s rocking people’s worlds.

As BuzzFeed reports, Smith claims you aren’t supposed to actually use them. They are simply there to keep the earrings on while they sit on displays at the store.

The tweet reads:

After my nineteen years of living I have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off.

This idea in itself has sparked quite the debate.

Many can’t believe they have also lived their whole lives without knowing this simple fact…

Image credit: Twitter

Some think she’s just plain wrong for scientific reasons…

Image credit: Twitter

Or for more practical reasons…

Image credit: Twitter

Whatever you may believe, the common theme seems to be that people just didn’t know there IS an option regarding plastic backers. Just push those suckers off if they insist on peeking out from behind your earlobe.

Thanks, Chelsea.

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