Leigh Vigil is an interior designer based in Woodinville, Washington. The “Room to Design” owner took to Facebook recently to solicit her clients’ opinion on the decor of a kitchen.

The picture ended up generating a lot of buzz across social media, thanks to the kitchen’s uncommon aesthetic — upholstered cabinets, matching backsplash, and shiny veneer. Vigil asked her followers:

Describe this kitchen with one word…

Nearly 650,000 comments later, one word was all viewers needed to express how they really felt about the look:

Bob Davies: YUK

Carol Bishop: Gypsy

Suzzy Mitchell: Cream

Jana Freese: Run

Deana Mclaughlin: Puffy

Dennis Mcevoy: Childproof???

Greg Gregurek: Elvis

Judy Jay Prather: Tacky

Gladyce Broderick: Padded

Patricia Lawlor-Morgerson: barf-ola

Joan Oliver: DANGEROUS

Richard Kallaus: OSHA

Isaac Peachey: Fabulous

Barbara Lindthaler: Doughy

Sandra Strange: Biscuits?

George Trihias: Comfortable

David Ford: Tacky

Carol Ankrum: Brothel

Richard Routledge: Impractical

Christine Kohlman Belling: Marshmallow!!

A few commenters, of course, took liberties with more than one word to express the awestruck of the sight before them:

Tuane Ellis: 1word. No. 2words…. uncooked pie

Lesley Goss: Even the oven is appalled by this ?

Gerry Schmidt: Mary Poppins

John Cooper Comes with straight jacket and blunt non-pointy knives

Danielle Velazquez Saltine cracker. But that’s 2 words

Jacko Pat Hartnett: Funeral parlour

Pamela Morgan Karatsis: Glad I won’t be cleaning it.

Facebook commenters agree — there isn’t just one word, or words, that best describe Vigil’s kitchen photo.

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