Last week, 17 children were killed inside a Florida high school by a 19-year-old former student. The violent shooting is yet another tragic outburst of gun violence within the last several years in America, and sadly it has become the new reality — especially when it comes to students.

Both schools and guardians have had to rethink their safety precautions and plans of actions should the unthinkable happen in their own schools.

That’s why Katie Cornelis decided to teach her two nieces a potentially lifesaving trick should they find themselves under attack. All they needed was an unassuming, run-of-the-mill doorstop.

Katie told her nieces that if their school falls to an active shooter, they must remember to pull the doorstop she put in their backpacks out and force it under the door; that way if the door lock/handle is shot down, there is still something keeping the door closed for a little while longer.

She handed the two young girls their very own doorstoppers right after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but unfortunately, the protective measure is still completely necessary.

And in light of the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Katie felt it necessary to share that knowledge with the rest of the world.

She wrote:

After the Sandy Hook shooting, I gave both my nieces this little door stop to always keep in their backpacks. It truly pained me when I handed it to them, and I didn’t want to scare them, but it was out of love and they understood. In light of the recent shooting, I wanted to share this with all parents…and ANYONE else for that matter…to get themselves one (I always carry mine in my purse). Sure it’s small, but it can be powerful in keeping you safe if you ever have to barricade yourself in a room. If a gunman shoots out the door lock it will still keep the door from opening and may just buy you some time. I’m really sad posting this but a security expert shared this tip with me so I wanted to pass it on. I pray no one ever has to use it.

The post has now been shared well over 1 million times. Many were grateful for the helpful advice on how to further protect their loved ones in today’s heartbreaking conditions:

Katie Cornelis/Facebook Katie Cornelis/Facebook Katie Cornelis/Facebook Katie Cornelis/Facebook

Although Katie wrote she hoped no one will ever have to utilize her tip, it very well might save a life one day.

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