On Wednesday, outside a Charlotte, North Carolina, daycare center, a toddler found himself locked out after hours.

The little boy, who was alone and extremely frightened, was standing at the back of the building, crying and knocking on the back door. That’s when a stranger noticed what was going on.

Fox 46 identifies the witness as Tina Quizon, a woman who worked next door to the Sunshine Kids Learning Academy. She heard his crying and quickly surmised that it was an unsafe situation.

As Quizon whipped out her camera phone to record the incident, she rushed to the front door in an attempt to inform the daycare staff about the child.

In an interview with Fox 46, Quizon described the incident:

“Your mind races everywhere because the sign says they close at 5:30…This was clearly 5:40 and I thought, ‘My goodness, has this child been left behind? Is it going to get cold tonight?'”

Catherine Harrington, the daycare administrator, stated in response to the incident:

“This is never okay. Never okay. We always have the staff in place to accommodate with the children in our care…All teachers need to always know how many children are present in their space at any given time. We constantly do head counts.”

Despite the safety protocols put in place, Fox 46 reported that the supervising teacher had failed to notice that the child was missing. The teacher, whom Harrington said hadn’t noticed the child had exited the door the class had just entered, was immediately terminated from her job.

Quizon, the good Samaritan, told Fox 46 that although it concerned her those who should have been watching the boy “didn’t seem to know where this child was,” she was “just so glad that this had a happy ending.”

According to Fox 46, state investigators are looking into the allegation.

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