Brittney Johnson didn’t take a photo of the confused man in the make-up aisle in order to mock him. In fact, she was blown away by his simple demonstration of love.

As KTVU anchor Frank Somerville shared on Facebook, Johnson apologized to the man in the picture for sharing his “back side” with the world, adding that she “couldn’t help it.” Johnson noticed the man staring intently at a make-up display at the store:

This man was on the phone with his wife, looking so hard for the EXACT Olive colored nail polish that she wanted.

“I got this, I got this, I’ll be home in a bit.”

But narrowing down nail polish colors remotely is easier said than done. After sending a photo of the nail polish to his wife, a follow-up call was required:

“Ok, so I sent you the pic. Is that the right one?

You wanna know the colors close to it?

You just want all three colors??”

For Johnson, the man’s efforts to please his wife were a perfect demonstration of what love is, enough to proclaim in capital letters:


Johnson was referring to the effort the husband was expending on something special to his wife. She wrote:

Putting yourself a little out of your comfort zone. Letting yourself feel foolish sometimes for the sake of making your girl (or man) happy.

The husband’s efforts were a reminder that real romance looks very different from what is often celebrated in pop culture. Johnson wrote:

It’s still so cool to me … the idea of romance not being flowers and cards and candy … but being time, and proof that you’ve actually listened, and support of the things that set that person’s soul on fire.

And those grand, fairytale-style romances can’t compare to what love means:

Marrying your best friend, being all for ONE person, that’s still pretty cool.

That’s why Johnson is holding out for that someone who is willing to spend 20 minutes staring in confusion over whether to buy “Taupe-less Beach” or “Half Past Nude.” She wrote that she isn’t planning to settle for anything less:

“Somebody, somewhere, will love you enough to go shopping alone for your favorite nail polish.”

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