A San Diego woman posted a horrifying video of a baby being abused on Facebook earlier this week, and viewers weren’t about to let it slide.

According to 10News, a person’s hand can be seen hitting the small baby in the head three times, making the baby cry out in pain. Another frightening image was posted with the baby holding a knife.

The woman in the video was also heard making suicidal threats.

Viewer Ashley Butcher jumped right in to help the six-month-old baby when she saw the disturbing Facebook video just after midnight on Thursday. She told Fox 5:

“My head was spinning around in circles. I was mad. I was infuriated. I was asking myself, why would a mother do this to her child, especially a child so small and defenseless?”

Butcher didn’t know who the woman in the video was, but she was determined to find out— and get the abused baby out of harm’s way.

As she told Fox 5:

My little boy was literally right next to me as I was seeing this video. So, I grabbed him and I hugged him tight.”

She got all of her friends together to help. They contacted police and the TV station, and got to work tracking down the woman. She explained:

“It was just a big group of girls trying to figure out what is happening, where is this girl. We just wanted her to get the baby safe.”

The group spent hours trying to find the woman and their search paid off. Butcher, a mother herself, was able to speak to the mom, identified as 18-year-old Jowi Victoria Morales, using FaceTime. Butcher said:

“I just wanted to talk to her to make her come to her senses, to turn herself in and do what’s best for the baby.”

Morales has now been arrested on outstanding domestic violence charges.

The baby was found unharmed and placed in protective custody while detectives continue working to verify who was hitting the infant in the video.

Watch Butcher explain more on her search below:

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