A group of anonymous donors in Florida made a 20-year-old girl’s life just a little easier when they gifted her a new car.

Samantha Rodriguez was left to care for her five siblings after their parents passed away from cancer just years apart. Her brothers and sisters range from age 7 to 15, Daily Mail reports.

Now, they reside in Orange County, Florida where their grandmother lives.

A GoFundMe set up to help the family out says:

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit ‘adopted’ the Rodriguez kids in December and gave them a Christmas to remember. When the community heard about the family’s loss, they stepped up in an amazing way and several anonymous donors came together and bought Samantha a car in April 2019.

The Rodriguez kids lost both of their parents to cancer in recent years. 20-year-old Samantha has taken on the role of caregiver of her five younger siblings. The kids thought they were visiting the OCSO Aviation Unit for a tour. Instead, they received a Christmas none of us will ever forget!

Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Monday, December 24, 2018

As Daily Mail reports, Rodriguez was beyond grateful for the Nissan Versa her community gifted her. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office shared a video of officers presenting Rodriguez with the car on Thursday.

She said:

“Wow, I’m in shock, guys. Thank you guys so much, you don’t know how much this means to us and it is such a big help. Doing everything on my own is very hard but I am so glad to have people like you guys in my life.”

According to the GoFundMe account, Rodriguez is currently working as a waitress at a restaurant. She has goals of taking college classes and saving for her siblings’ education.

Further, in regards to raising her siblings, Rodriguez says the decision to step up was a no brainer.

She said:

“I knew what I had to do.I learned so much from my mom. I was like her sidekick. I learned what it meant to raise a family.”

In less than a day, the family’s GoFundMe account has raised over $5,000. The goal is $25,000.

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One Reply to “Twenty-Year-Old Left to Raise 5 Siblings After Her Parents Death Is in ‘Shock’ When Gifted New Car”

  • Mary Frederick 2 years ago

    You will be in my thoughts always,Samantha, along with.your siblings,Sounds like your Mom set a good example for you, and you are very brave to step up and take over with your siblings. Hopefully they will share that responsibility with you. I also hope you have somebody you can turn to when you need help for you. Even if just to talk to You need. someone when you feel scared and alone, a confidant a person you can talk to you can trust as you have a huge job ahead of you. I lost my Mom.when I was 3 ,my brother was 7, leaving my young Dad alone with us, I know there were many times as I was growing up that I really needed my Mom ,My Dad did what he could to have a house-keeper to help with us kids, but that wasn’t the same as having my Mom!! You will probably feel alone often,I am so happy you have friends and neighbors you are getting a helping hand from, bless all of. them for caring so much I wish you all lots of love, luck and happy times always. I hope you will be able to give a follow-up on how you are all doing, Take care of each other. Your friend, Mary
    I live in Vermont,tho I have lived in Florida for 3 years when I was a bit youger, So different than Vermont!!!

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