United Airlines passenger Norma Rodgers was on a flight back from Las Vegas to Newark, New Jersey, on January 2 when she filmed her seatmate complaining about being seated between Rodgers and her partner.

As the Daily Mail reported, tensions were running high when an unnamed female passenger couldn’t face the idea of flying four hours wedged between two “big” passengers in a middle seat.

She was caught on camera loudly bemoaning her lack of space in her seat assignment. At one point, she said:

“I eat salad, OK?”

Norma Rodgers/Facebook

In the video, the woman is heard saying:

“Oh, my goodness, I don’t know how I’m going to do this for the next four hours. This is just impossible ’cause they’re squishing me. Like, friggin’ just unbelievable.”

She continued to complain:

“I can’t sit here because they’re both so big on left and right. I can’t even sit here.”

At one point she makes a snarky comment:

“At least they’ll keep me warm.”

Rodgers, who was sitting in the window seat, finally couldn’t take any more of the negative remarks and asked a flight attendant to find the irate passenger a new seat. She said:

“Excuse me, can you find her another seat? Because I will not be verbally abused by this b***h or anybody else.

I will not be verbally abused by anybody. I’m not tolerating it.”

The unnamed flyer then begins to demonstrate her discomfort before a flight attendant escorts her to another seat in the back of the plane.

Norma Rodgers/Facebook

As she leaves her seat, she’s yelled at by other passengers who say she should be “ashamed” of her behavior, to which she responds:

“I’m not politically correct.”

She tells someone else:

“Why don’t you try and sit between those two big pigs?”

Watch the video below (Warning: the clip contains strong language):


As Dearly previously reported, coach passengers are being thrown together with people from all walks of life as flights are becoming more affordable.

Facebook commenters who defended the woman wanting to move said facing the prospect of spending several hours in discomfort could easily make someone’s blood boil.

One person wrote:

Honestly, I can’t blame her…..she has no room at all. You barely have room with people that aren’t big, let alone the size of these two people. They’re both touching her on each side. I would be uncomfortable too, no matter who it was.

Another person wrote:

Can’t blame her, she was sandwiched between 2 hug people. I would hate it as well.

Others said she could have handled the situation better. One man wrote:

Well, in reality, I would be annoyed too sitting in the middle but that the price u pay to fly economy if she so picky fly first class or get a private jet.

Another said:

OML this woman is savagely rude! She should’ve got out of her d*mn seat and privately spoken to the flight attendant her concern, this would have been the ideal approach.

United Airlines has not responded to the Mail’s request for comment.


Rodgers says in the video that she has flown regularly for many years and that this was the first time she’s been insulted on a flight.

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13 Replies to “‘I’m So Squished’: Woman Filmed Having a Meltdown on Flight After Getting Middle Seat Next to ‘Big’ Passengers”

  • Michael Bankston 2 years ago

    The woman should have asked to trade seats with another passenger.

    • marie 2 years ago

      And who exactly would agree to trade seats with her? No one could fit in that seat.
      The two people on either side of her were traveling TOGETHER and didn’t even want
      to sit next to each other. I think they were trying to keep that middle seat empty for their own comfort.

  • S 2 years ago

    Very glad no problem me yelled “Fire!”


  • RT Warrender 2 years ago

    Now, the airlines limit the size and weight of bags or charge extra. Yet no limit on size and weight of passengers? Above a certain size they should maybe be required to buying the two seats they are consuming…

  • Pat 2 years ago

    I know the feeling of this woman.i had to ride from Richmond to Chicago with a huge dad on a American flight. I asked if he wanted to trade seats with his 10 yr old son and he said no HE was fine. Airlines should have bigger seats for bigger people.

  • Mark 2 years ago

    I couldn’t watch the video, it wasn’t working but I “side” with the “squished” passenger. It’s not fair. She bought a ticket and that entitles her to that space – the airlines have a responsibility to provide her the space that they are charging her for. The awkwardness shouldn’t be felt by her having to demand what she paid for – the “comfort” of the seat appropriated to her, but rather to the airline personnel who have to somehow tell overweight or just large people that they’re going to have to purchase more than one seat. It’s not the fault of this woman – she’s only asking for what she paid for.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    where is the video?!!!!! There is no video here!!

  • Tina 2 years ago

    I agree she has the right to the space she paid for but she does NOT have the right to verbally abuse the people she is sitting next to. They paid for their ticket the same as she did.

  • uglykidmoe 2 years ago

    don’t blame her one bit

  • Melanie 2 years ago

    I saw the video before and this woman clearly had her own space. Pay for first class ticket next time and stop verbally abusing people. Because of her disgusting rudeness I would have given her 2 choices. Stay in that seat or get off the plane.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I always say that you van say anything, but it is the way you say it. Never hurt others feelings with your words. Seeing that there were empty seats, why could she not just request to sit somewhere else?

  • Selma Dayen 2 years ago

    I think if that were my situation I would have gone to a steward to see if I could be relocated. If that didn’t, I would glad to ay the difference in price. With that said, I travel some and the regular seats have very little room for folks who are of size. With the price of tickets going up, I would love it if there were a few seats available for these individuals who have a weight problem OR a medical problem. This would require a lot of paperwork, but it is something to think about. A few new laws and procedures would have to be ALL addressed. ONLY a suggestion.

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