Plastic Gladware containers aren’t just for storing leftovers and tumbling out of the kitchen cabinet every time it opens, as one stay-at-home mom recently proved to the world.

Gracie Villegas, who runs a blog on life as a stay-at-home mom and self-taught chef, shared a photo on Twitter of the week’s worth of meals she was preparing for her husband, Randy:

And while the tasty assortment of fruit and roasted vegetables deserve attention all on their own, viewers happened to notice the last photo Villegas shared of her plastic Gladware containers:


Villegas’s Twitter followers commented immediately on the revelation in the photo:

Villegas confirmed the findings:

From there, the photo was posted to Facebook by someone who had seen Villegas’s use of the purple Gladware lid, blowing the minds of everyone who came across it.

Commenters were stunned to learn the circle on top of Gladware plastic lids isn’t for decoration but has a functional purpose:

According to the Glad website, the “interlocking lids” are actually designed to stack the lids on top of one another by snapping them into place for storage. However, Gladware’s “To Go Lunch” series has a separate “snappable” cup for dressing and condiments.

While the Gladware displayed with this feature are circular bowls “large enough to fit an entrée-sized” salad, Villegas discovered that the trick works with other sizes and shapes as well, as long as the lid has the circular design.


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