Verona Koliqi is an Instagram makeup artist who recently came across a family photo from 10 years ago. In the background of the photo, she noticed an individual she hadn’t met at the time the photo was taken. Years later, that person would eventually earn an important place in her life.

Yahoo Lifestyle reported that Koliqi, who is based in the U.K., recently got engaged to Mirand Buzaku, a man whom she met while visiting Kosovo, her country of origin. Initially, the two ran into each other, but no one made a first move.


She said:

“We exchanged looks every day. We saw each other, but did nothing.”

So Koliqi took the initiative by liking one of Buzaku’s photos on Instagram. That led to a year of dating before Buzaku popped the question at a resort in Turkey.


Recently, Koliqi’s cousin sent her an old photo of a family trip they went on as children to a beach in Montenegro. She showed the photo to Buzaku, and while they laughed about how they looked she was younger, they didn’t expect to see the familiar face in the background.

The photo featured a few children sitting together on a beach. In her post, she mentioned that her fiance was the type of person who would scrutinize what was going on in the background of a photo. Buzaku noticed a boy lying on a float behind the children. He observed that he had the same float when he was a child, then realized that the boy on the float was him.


Koliqi told Yahoo Lifestyle:

“’He said, ‘Hold up, I think that’s me!’ We both looked at each other and said, ‘No way, that can’t be true.’”

They thought it couldn’t possibly be true. So they consulted his family, who confirmed that they were also visiting the beach at that time. His family was visiting from Kosovo, and Koliqi was visiting from the U.K.

Koliqi posted the story, along with a picture, on her Instagram account.

She wrote:

One day I was looking at this old beach photo that was taken 10 years ago and showed my fiance (now) the photo so we can have a laugh and run down memory lane, @mirandbuzaku being the type to look behind the photo he noticed the kid in the back had the same shirt, shorts and floaty as him. We analyzed further and confirmed with family members that it’s him photobombing my family photo.

As Koliqi told Yahoo Lifestyle, she never expected to look at a photo from the past and see her future husband:

“I never knew something like this could happen, even though I’ve heard a saying: ‘You will have passed your soul mate at least once way before you actually meet up.'”

Since Koliqi posted the image, it’s gone viral, with more than 30,000 likes.

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