Nearly every mother knows what it’s like to be approached by a stranger who’s wanting to give unsolicited advice about child-rearing. However, in the case of 26-year-old Tasha Kneen, she wasn’t at all prepared to hear what one stranger had to say when she walked in a local eatery.

Before she could even sit down at a table, according to the Independent, Kneen was immediately greeted by an unidentified woman who, upon seeing Kneen’s 16-month-old daughter Ruby-Mae Lord, said something horrifying:

“If I had a ginger baby, I would drown it.”

Her daughter has beautiful red hair, and now a complete stranger was saying it made her deserving of death.

Kneen, of course, was completely taken aback by the woman — who was reportedly in her 20s — but she did report what happened to the pub’s manager. She told the Nottingham Post:

“One of the managers asked what the problem was, I explained, the manager went into the kitchen and came out with someone else and asked her to leave.”

Tasha Kneen/Facebook

After the incident, which occurred midday Saturday, Kneen felt “too upset” to stay and eat, so she immediately left. She told the Nottingham Post that in hopes of never seeing that woman again, she plans on not ever returning to that pub.

Kneen told Dearly that nothing like what happened Saturday has ever happened to her before. Instead, she said, people have only approached her to pay her daughter’s hair a compliment:

“No one has came up and gave me negative things — only saying how beautiful her hair is.”

The pub released a statement to the Nottingham Post saying it does not condone that woman’s behavior, but Kneen understandably wants to minimize her chances of ever running into her again.

Although approaching a baby to appreciate his or her cuteness is a common thing, this particular encounter might have affected the way Kneen views passing admirers for the rest of her baby’s adolescence.

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