Natalie was delighted by her shopping discovery.


As Good to Know reports, Natalie was shopping at a Primark department store when she found the holy grail of women’s undergarments: a good bra.

“[Tried] on a bra in Primark & it was nice,” she shared on Twitter. But Natalie’s luck soon ran out when she discovered the item was missing a sales tag.

Natalie continued: “So I went to buy it but there was no tag so the guy went to find a supervisor to get a code, comes back & goes ‘this isn’t ours, it’s a swap.'”

The good bra from the store was actually too good to be true:

“[So] someone has literally left THEIR OWN BRA on a hanger in order to shoplift one AND I TRIED IT ON.”

Natalie was horrified.

Natalie tweeted her misfortune, much to the delight of others.

Some Twitter users could relate to Natalie’s experience all too well:

Many retail employees shared their experiences from the other side:

As one sales associate pleaded:

Many commenters wondered if Natalie purchased the good bra anyway, hoping the store offered a discount on the item. Natalie hasn’t responded, but her story will definitely give shoppers pause if they find clothing without a price

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