Solane Verraine’s husband had been sick with various ailments for more than five years when they allegedly came up with a plan to end his suffering.

Though husband John Owings, Jr. didn’t suffer from a terminal illness, he had degenerative conditions that left him reliant on pain medications, according to the Hudson Valley One.

So together, they decided he would better off not living at all.

Solane Verraine Asia/Facebook

Ulster County Chief Assistant District Attorney Michael J. Kavanagh said:

“She said he had been sick for a long time, she wanted to help him, and it was a mutual decision to help him commit suicide.”

On November 19, 2016, Verraine crushed up more than 90 pills and mixed them into a glass of brandy for her husband to drink, Pix11 reports.

And sure enough, his life quickly faded away.

The wife then called first responders to their New York apartment where she said “I want to be honest with you,” before explaining her role in his death.

But her honesty wasn’t enough to keep her from getting arrested that day.

Verraine was initially charged with murder for the assisted suicide, but that was later changed to the lesser-charge manslaughter, the Daily Freeman reports.

And in December 2017, the wife pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter for mixing up the fatal cocktail.

Solane Verraine Asia/Facebook

Assisted suicide is illegal in the state of New York, but Verraine’s case was difficult to navigate for prosecutors because she wasn’t acting maliciously.

Kavanagh told Hudson Valley One:

“I’ve never had a case like this before, so I don’t have a basis for comparison. We had a suicide pact case that happened a few years ago, where one person went through with it, and the other did not. There was some jail time, and the remainder was served through probation.”

But ultimately, Verraine will spend time behind bars.

On Wednesday, the 63-tear-old was sentenced to one to three years for her role in the death, Pix11 reports.

She will likely won’t have to complete the full sentence due to 15 months of jail time served. Her attorneys said she’ll likely be walking free by summer of fall.

Verraine said she now “regrets” helping her husband take his own life.

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