A woman’s rescue mission went viral when the rope attached to the helicopter failed to keep her gurney from spinning. Now, the 74-year-old woman is still feeling the effects of the botched rescue.

Last week, several popular Instagram accounts and late night television shows joked about the moment a woman who was injured on a hike was left spinning uncontrollably.

According to CBS News, the woman sustained a broken nose when she fell while hiking in Arizona. A rescue chopper was called to take her off the mountain and to a nearby hospital. When the helicopter took off, the gurney she was strapped to began spinning and no one was able to stop it for roughly a minute and a half.

Phoenix Police Air Support chief pilot Paul Apolinar said of the botched rescue mission:

“We were doing a rescue, a hoist rescue, we do a lot of them, it was a normal rescue. Sometimes when we bring the helicopter up from the ground, it will start to spin, so we have a line attached to the basket to help prevent that. Today, it didn’t.”

However, despite the jokes, many people didn’t realize the serious injuries Kati Metro sustained from the uncontrollable spinning.

Now, her husband George Metro is speaking out to KTAR News 92.3 FM. He told the radio show that he was stunned when he first saw Kati in the hospital following the incident:

“I just couldn’t believe it. Her eyes were all blackened. Her face was all black and blue. Her hands and feet were all blue.”

After seeing his wife for the first time, George said he questioned why Kati was seemingly getting worse because she “didn’t look like this when you put her in the gurney.”

Inside Edition

Nurses then explained to George that “the blood went all the way to her head and broke the small vessels in her face.”

As of Friday, June 7, Kati remained in the hospital:

“She’s so dizzy and nauseous, she hasn’t been able to get up out of bed.”

George said his wife still hasn’t seen a photo of the injuries she sustained, nor has she seen the video.

Thankfully, Kati is doing her best to stay positive. The first thing she told her husband was, “I’m glad I’m alive,” as George continued his wife thought “she was going to die.”

Nonetheless, George doesn’t hold any grudges against the first responders, or the people who mocked his wife on social media:

“It’s unfortunate what happened. I hope they can solve that problem. I would never want to see anything like that happen again to someone else.”

According to Inside Edition, the couple is avid hikers who hike roughly 15 miles every week to stay in shape.

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