Many were moved by a couple’s wedding story when the bride read her husband a letter she had written to him three years before they ever met.

Victoria Laniakea from Australia told the Daily Mail she doesn’t know what compelled her to write the powerful message to her future beau, but she was blown away by how well it described her future groom-to-be, Philippe Lorrain.

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Victoria: “Many years ago before we met, I wrote a letter to that one special person I had been eagerly waiting to meet. This letter was more to me than faith or simple comfort. It was the physical proof that the two of us were connected on a higher level, proof that I didn’t need to know his name or face to know our love. When I finally met Philippe, I knew my letter had finally found its home, but I held onto it to reveal to him on our wedding day. Standing on top of a mountain on the day we were married, I read my letter to Philippe with shaking hands against his chest, completely overwhelmed with how the words I had written long before I met him could so perfectly describe him and our story. Love is a portal, a mirror and a beautiful mystery.”

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The 28-year-old shared with the publication:

“It just came to me one day, an idea just formed and I started writing.”

She said she read her letter to her groom with shaking hands before their wedding guests. Completely overwhelmed, Laniakea explained to Lemon Tree Film House:

Many years ago before we met, I wrote a letter to that one special person I had been eagerly waiting to meet.

Strangely, the love letter included several features that her husband has. In like manner, the note also described the couple’s love story. The bride explained:

“Like how he is strong but gentle, he has and could weather any storm, but still takes insects he finds in the house outside instead of killing them, that he was close by but originally from much further away … which turned out to be Germany.”

Lorrain lived less than a half mile away from Laniakea when she moved to Canberra, in Western Australia in 2015. Laniakea also commented on the fact, she wrote a lot about her future husband being “drawn to look at the stars.”

“Turns out he’s a rocket scientist and due to his craft of making and putting satellites in space he would often spend hours looking at the stars at night too.”

However, Laniakea had no idea the letter fit a man whom she regularly crossed paths with because he lived in her neighborhood. In a speech from the wedding the couple, who are currently on their honeymoon in Japan, revealed:

Philippe collected his mail from the post office where Victoria worked, she used to run past his house every day, Victoria even had lectures in the same building that Philippe did his PHD in.

Laniakea added:

“[Lorrain] left Germany to come to Australia in search of something he didn’t understand either but trusted the feeling, so we are both perplexed by the ‘how’ but just know there’s something greater at work here.”

Eventually, through a chance encounter at a bar, they finally met after Lorrain’s rowing club event. Her groom said:

Knowing that she’s written this… Many years before we met… It’s basically a letter that she could have written last week, because it just describes… Us.

Laniakea didn’t share the letter with Lorrain until their wedding day.

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