Alisha Weiler was 18 years old the night she was raped by the man her friends told her to trust.

According to the “Save the 1” blog, Weiler was on a double blind date with her friend and her friend’s then-boyfriend. The pair, who was expecting their first child together, set Weiler up with a guy they knew.

They were originally supposed to spend the night bowling. When the truck Weiler’s blind date was supposed to drive broke down, they ended up going to his stepfather’s bar instead.

Despite being only 18, the three of them — minus her pregnant friend — drank heavily. Weiler wrote on the blog:

I had never really drank before, so I was certainly naïve. My blind date kept serving up shots of Tequila. I know I was under the legal age to drink, and should have known better. . . .

I ended up really sick, throwing up on the bathroom floor, and was carried out by my blind date. I remember being put in my friend’s boyfriend’s car.

After being put into the car, Weiler passed out. She awoke to the group carrying her into her blind date’s apartment. She remembers it being dark and seeing no furniture except for a couch, which struck her as odd.

The then-teenager was put into an empty room, where she passed out again. That’s when her world flipped upside down:

I woke up naked and in pain, with him on top of me. I was groggy, but I knew what he was trying to do and told him “No!” and managed to roll over, but he continued his efforts of forcing himself on me, and I began screaming. I couldn’t understand why my friend and her boyfriend had left me alone and why nobody responded to my screams.

Her blind date had raped her and then left the room. She continued:

I remember finding a pair of pants nearby and putting them on. I just sat there, my knees to chest, head down in my arms, rocking back and forth crying and confused. After a few minutes, he came back in the room and attempted raping me again. He grabbed my arms and tried to push me back, but I fought hard. He got angry and left, slamming the door behind him.

At that point, Weiler ran from the room screaming, fearing her rapist would come back. She found her friend crying in the next room.

According to Weiler’s post, her blind date had tried to rape her friend as well.

The worst part, the father of her child was in on the plan. Sadly, the struggle Weiler’s friend put up to fight off the rapist resulted in her losing her unborn child just hours later.


When the two men came back to the apartment, her friend’s boyfriend took them both home. It was around 3:00 a.m.:

Her boyfriend told me that the guy who raped me said to tell me, whatever he did to me, he’s sorry. […]

I was too ashamed to tell my parents or anybody that I’d been raped.

Eight weeks later, Weiler could no longer keep the fact that she was raped a secret because she was pregnant.

The nurses and doctors who learned the baby was a product of rape attempted to convince Weiler to abort her child — or at least put him up for adoption — but Weiler didn’t look at her unborn child as a product of rape.

She looked at her unborn child like he was a gift from God, as she wrote:

Why would God give me a gift so I can say, “No, I don’t want what you just gave to me,” and throw it right back at God like a piece of trash? My child is human and he deserves to live!

While discussing her situation on the phone with a friend, Weiler’s parents overheard and were devastated not only over what their daughter was forced to endure but because she kept it a secret from them for two months.

Nonetheless, her parents were “extremely supportive” of her decision to keep the child. Four months following the birth of her son, her parents moved them from Florida to Texas.

She and her friend eventually reported the rape and the attempted rape. Following that, her next order of business was to make sure her rapist never had parental rights over her son.

In order to do that, her rapist demanded she not press charges:

I felt guilty for not going through with the charges because he could just do the same thing to someone else, but my ultimate goal at this point was to protect myself and my son. It was very difficult dealing with the whole situation and even just the thought of returning to Florida and seeing him again in court.

Weiler is now married with a second child, and her son is in seventh grade — and life has been good to the both of them, despite how he was created:

He’s smart and gets great grades. […] He knows what happened and he’s so thankful to be alive. He will one day grow up and get married and have children and grandchildren. My son deserved his right to life.

Weiler continued that she’s sharing her story because she wants others going through a similar situation know they aren’t alone:

For many years, I felt like I must be the only one who was raped and is raising her child. I can’t even describe how it felt to be so alone in this. But now, through Save The 1, I have met dozens of other mothers. I want other women to know that there are others of us and we understand.

She added that just because some babies are conceived through rape, doesn’t mean they should “die for someone else’s crime.”

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