California college student Aimee Green was out for a drive with her boyfriend on February 20 when, according to the Daily Mail, her car spun out of control.

She was knocked unconscious and awoke to find her car totaled. But amazingly, neither she nor her boyfriend were injured.

Just in case, she headed to the hospital where she received a MRI and CAT scan, according to her GoFundMe.

That’s when they discovered a finger-sized mass inside her brain — it had been growing for at least a year.

Aimee’ Green/Facebook

The 24-year-old told People:

“We had no broken bones and no severe injuries. We both came out of it okay. But during the routine CT scan, they found abnormalities in my brain … later that night, around midnight, they told me, ‘I’m sorry, you have a brain tumor.’”

Green had been experiencing migraines and seizures, but she never thought the symptoms could be from a tumor. She told Daily Mail:

“I have always had migraines, but the thought never occurred to me it could be more. Seizures run in my family so I thought they were just genetic.”

She was diagnosed with Choroid Plexus Papilloma, a type of benign tumor that is rarely found in adults, according to Radiopaedia.

If doctors hadn’t discovered it then, the pressure on her brain would have killed her in a matter of months, she told the Daily Mail.

Even though she was heartbroken by the diagnosis, Green wrote on Facebook that she was thankful for the crash that day:

“Being in the car accident was truly a blessing in a disguise and I couldn’t be more grateful that we caught it early and I can focus on getting back on track to being healthier than ever.”

Doctors are hoping to remove the tumor as soon as possible, but surgery may affect her ability to remember things correctly.

Aimee’ Green/Facebook

Now, Green is trying to graduate early in case something goes wrong.

The college student said:

“Because they are a lot of complications and problems after surgery regarding memory loss and spatial memory loss, I might not be the same afterwards. I definitely wanted to make sure I can graduate now while I can.”

Green said she has dreams of becoming a social worker, which she has put on hold as she works through her “nightmare” diagnosis.

A friend a set up a GoFundMe in her name to help her pay for the “crazy amount of medical bills” that have piled up since her crash.

They have raised over $2,000 so far.

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