A woman named “Jennifer” wanted a dress so badly, she allegedly faked her own death to get it for free.

Jennifer was enchanted by the “Amelia” style dress offered by the online-only retailer LuLaRoe. She was chatting with a LuLaRoe seller in a Facebook group, trying to ensure the sale of the dress to her.

According to a series of screenshots on Imgur posted by the seller, her conversation with Jennifer started on an odd note.

After expressing her interest, Jennifer claimed that her mother had suffered a stroke. The seller was quick to respond, telling Jennifer not to “worry about that.” Jennifer reinforced her interest in the dress saying she “just didn’t want [her] to sell [the dress] to someone else cause [she] love[s] it!”

The conversation ended abruptly after the seller passed on her best wishes to Jennifer’s mom. Three hours later, the seller received a message that she said “shook me to my core.” It read:

“I am going through my wife’s phone. She was on the way to [redacted] this morning and was hit head on by a person texting and did not make it. This is her husband. How do I pay this bill? I know how much she wanted this and I am going to have her buried in it.”

Skeptical, the seller posted the exchange on Facebook inquiring whether anyone had encountered Jennifer or sold to her in the past.

Users responded to the seller’s concerns:


In a spurt of genius, another LuLaRoe consultant came up with an easy way to catch Jennifer in the act. She private messaged Jennifer the following:

Hey girl! You’re the winner of a free lula item in my group! Congrats !!!! Booteek will be open tonight for you to shop!

Jennifer excitedly responded:

Omg I never win anything! What style can I choose from? I live in [redacted] so can you send it to me?

With the proof needed to show Jennifer was in fact alive, the seller confronted her, writing:

I just saw a post where someone messaged from this profile about his wife dying? Is that true?

Jennifer vehemently responded:

Do what? From my profile? It is absolutely not true! What group is this in? This is crazy!

When the seller sent her photographic proof of their exchange, Jennifer removed herself from the Facebook group, and went as far as to block the LuLaRoe consultant.

However, one hour later, she popped up only to say she’d “been in touch with the police,” who discovered someone “hacked into” her Facebook account.

She posted a one-star rating of the seller, where she ranted about how they were a fraud.


She wrote in part:

Worst person loularoe [sic] could get! Iam [sic] contacting the loularoe [sic] company as well as the local police! She is a fraud! And a rip off! She sure took my money but no merchandise! Wow!

Although it is unlikely Jennifer was actually hacked, there are a lot of unclear details going on here.

However, in the end, the fashionista merely seemed intent on getting the latest fashion free of charge.

Unfortunately for her, that plan backfired.

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