A new mother was praised this week for surrendering her newborn twins to a local firehouse.

A fire crew out of California said the mom did the right thing by taking her children to a safe-haven surrender location instead of endangering or abandoning the infants.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department took to Facebook to stress the importance of the mom’s decision. Fire Chief Mark Hartwig said:

“This is exactly why the Safe Surrender program was created.

This young mother did the right thing by bringing her babies to the fire station. Regardless of your circumstances, the Safe Surrender program is a viable and loving option.”

On Monday, January 29 around 8:30 a.m., a woman anonymously gave up two babies with “no questions asked.”

The firefighters said the children were cleaned, fed, and cared for when the young mother took them to a station in Hesperia.

Mother Surrenders Twins to Firefighters at “Safe-Haven Site”Date/Time: Monday, January 28, 2019, 8:39 p.m.Location:…

Posted by San Bernardino County Fire on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The woman refused medical care before she was told where she could assert parental rights regarding the newborns in case she changed her mind. The department wrote:

The newborns were then transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. The mother … was provided information and instructions on how to reclaim her children in the event she wished to do so in accordance with the safe-surrender state law.

The Baby Safe Surrender program was established in California in 2001. According to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), 931 babies have been voluntarily handed over to the state from 2001 to 2017.

Many praised the “brave” mother in the comments section for making the tough decision. One commenter wrote:

Thank God for unselfish birth Moms like this story. Our family was blessed 9 months ago to a safe haven baby.

Another said:

So many times in my law enforcement career I’ve asked why someone discarded their infant, resulting in death, when this was an option. Thank you so much for doing the right thing and making it possible for someone to adopt and love your babies.

Under the safe-haven law, mothers who give up a baby 3-days-old or younger to any fire station, hospital or designated Safe Surrender site, will not face any criminal charges.

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20 Replies to “Woman Gives Birth Then Surrenders Newborn Twins at Firehouse: ‘This Young Mother Did the Right Thing’”

  • Debbi 2 years ago

    I think it was fantastic of that mom to do what she did. I think the safe-haven law is a wonderful thing but I think that someone should do more to promote it. I don’t think it’s out there enough yet. Good Luck and God Bless Everyone . . .

  • Susan P 2 years ago

    Thank GOD for this law and thank God for the children who have been saved because of it. I do think, as Debbie said, that it needs to be promoted more, and stories like this will do much to do just that. We also need to prosecute and make the punishment fit the crime for the women who decide to abandon their newborns to die, or worse, to actively end their lives. Wake up America, we have killed millions of babies through abortion, and it is no different than killing them after birth. God creates life and no one has the right to end an innocent, helpless one.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I have two incredible children….given up by caring moms. That loving act made all the difference in my life…! Unable to get pregnant…trying to 5 years…sad and miserable ! But…because of these two ladies…the sadness is long gone !

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Your testimony gave me chills! I am so happy for you. I too had difficulty getting pregnant in my earlier years. I wound up having four beautiful children of my own. Had I not been able to, I would have been very thankful that a mom would do something like this and make it possible for me to have a child to love and take care of. God bless you and all of the other women for your sacrifice!

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    I like hearing this story. I hope more young women choose life over abortion.

  • Jen 2 years ago

    God bless her for doing the right thing. I’m sure it wasn’t easy but she was able to put aside her emotions and do what’s best for these babies. I wonder if there’s any chance they can make the 3 day rule a little longer, some people don’t leave the hospital within that time period. I’m thankful they have this option and bless those parents who used it when they needed to.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    So thankful this woman did the right thing and allowed her babies to have the precious gift of life God gave them. But, honestly, this is only the second or third time I’ve heard of this. Are most women even aware this program or law exists? This information should be plastered everywhere. Perhaps then we’d see less crime and less abortion.

  • Zane 2 years ago

    I’ve never heard of this program, but I think it could be the best thing that ever happened for both young mothers and endangered infants. If this were used nationwide, I’m willing to bet abortion rates would plummet, as well as infant abuse.

    • Karen 2 years ago

      The “safe haven” laws are nationwide and were first started in Texas in 1999. I am surprised and disappointed there are so many people that don’t seem to know they exist. Communities need to get the word out so babies at risk (and their parents) can have a chance. Instead of people getting angry and spreading rumors and lies about places like planned parenthood, they should be spreading good news like the existence of these laws.

      • Gloria 2 years ago

        Thank you karen for stating this, I for one never heard of safe haven. You are so correct. This is a wonderful organization. Two friends of mine went overseas to adopt at child. Had they known about safe haven they would have definitely contacted them. We need to do something to inform the public about this wonderful organization.

  • nancy 2 years ago

    I was almost sure that in California was up to 2 years . Any answers to this ? Is not the answer but at least there is a choice.

  • Kristi Harris Smith 2 years ago

    What an unselfish woman to actually put the safety of her babies above all. I’m sorry she felt she was unable to care for them and hope her future holds a baby for her when she is ready.
    That being said, with a law like this in place and obviously working as intended, why are we still allowing the legal murder of babies through abortion? Not just fertilized eggsor fetuses, babies at birth! I still in absolute disbelief of the bill e8gned into.law by NY Governor Cuomo and thank God the one in, I think Virginia, didnt pass, even though it was presented and supported by a neo-natal surgeon.
    What is wrong with people? How did this great and honorable nation become so corrupt, so evil that such a law could even be discussed much less passed. Women need to take full responsibility for their bodies and their actions and if they are so in lacking self respect that they cant control their urges or are too lazy to use birth control then guess what? Your going to have a baby! If you dont want to raise a child take an example from the young mother and give your child and someone who desperately wants to be a parent. Dont be so selfish that you deny others that possibility.

  • Jane 2 years ago

    The 3 day limit may cause more death. Regrets and being overwhelmed don’t always start at birth.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    It is a good idea safe haven place for a baby and not out in the cold. Safe guide the mother

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    They should extend the law to go past the first 3 days for a mother to bring in tjhe child for adoption.

  • Sherri Johnson 2 years ago

    Will they be up for adoption? Wed like to adopt!!

  • Sherri and Scott Johnso. 2 years ago

    Have they been adopted yet. My husband and i would both like to know. Scott and Sherri Johnson

  • […] the female about the state’s Safely Surrendered Baby Law. As previously reported by Dearly, a parent can safely surrender a baby no more than 3-days-old without facing criminal […]

  • Misti 2 years ago

    Yes but they still threaten you until you give your name then send dhs to your home to take your child that you have at home without ever meeting you or your child six months later he’s still gone and horribly traumatized

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