Halloween is a time to dress up as goons, goblins, and much more. However, dressing up for the occasion almost cost Anna Tew her teeth.

Tew told WKRG that the $3 teeth she bought to complete her zombie costume were stuck in her mouth and that she couldn’t get them out.

Tew said she tried for hours to get the teeth out of her mouth after a little discomfort and made an important discovery. She used a permanent adhesive and not a temporary one, so the fangs were holding on tight.

After discovering the teeth were on permanently, Tew started resorting to different measures to get the teeth out:

“It went on and on, and I was trying to get them out, and after it was over with, I tried until it was like 2 o’clock this morning. They wouldn’t budge. I even took a pair of wire cutters and cut the tips off of those.”

However, that still didn’t work, and the pain didn’t stop, so she resorted to going to a dentist to get them removed:

“He talked about drilling. They had a saw, talked about taking them off in sections, and they couldn’t numb it because they were scared they would actually pull my teeth out. So he went in and picked and pulled and I squealed like a baby and they got them out.”

Dr. John Murphy, the dentist who removed the teeth, said the natural shape of a person’s teeth can cause these types of mishaps:

“Just the natural shape of your teeth and your gums can sometimes cause something to be adhered and stuck.”

Tew said she has learned her lesson and does not plan to ever be in that type of pain again:

“I will never do it again. Never will I put anything like that back in my mouth.”

This was a bad case of “getting into character.”

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