Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Asking about a friend’s love life can sometimes lead to the greatest stories. Whether it’s a bad date, a sweet “how we met” story, or some legendary pickup lines, one of the biggest bonding experiences can be swapping dating stories.

Unless, that is, two friends’ stories are about the same person.

Unfortunately, for one young waitress, that was the case.

Ayana, whose Twitter handle specifies her as “Ayana the DIVA,” took to social media recently to share her story, which she’s calling #SameBae. She wrote she’d only been at her new job for two weeks before finding out one of her co-workers was unknowingly dating her boyfriend — whom she happened to live with:

It wasn’t until her co-worker, whom she chose to leave anonymous, was excited to show Ayana a picture of her new guy that Ayana realized what was going on:

That’s when things got interesting…

Instead of instantly informing her co-worker she was dating — and living with — the man, she decided she wanted to know everything:

The girl proceeded to gush about how cute her guy was, but Ayana needed to know exactly what they’d been up to. She asked her co-worker to clarify just how close the two were, asking if he was her “boo or … boyfriend.”

The girl’s response said it all:

Ayana said she didn’t blame the girl, but she, firstly, needed to see them together for herself and, secondly, wanted her co-worker to “see the light.” So, she decided to invite her over for drinks — while her boyfriend was home:

As they were pulling into Ayana’s neighborhood, her co-worker mentioned she lived in the same one — just “six houses down” to be exact. Ayana was even more livid.

When they opened the door, her boyfriend was in the bathroom, so she yelled for him to come join her and her co-worker for drinks when he was ready.

Then, he walked out. Ayana wrote in all caps:


Initially, he pretended not to know the girl, but that’s when everything dawned on her:

However, naturally, she didn’t take the news well:

Ayana proceeded to update people who began following her thread with details of their breakup. She said she kicked her now ex-boyfriend out, changed the locks, and apologized to the unsuspecting girl.

Though her tweets have gone viral with over 60,000 likes, no amount of internet fame could ever heal a broken heart.

It could, however, serve as a tasty dish of revenge.

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