Note: This article contains graphic content.

When Kayla Hansen slammed a door on her hand, it didn’t just cause a bruise that hurt for a day or two — it ignited a disease causing her body to feel like it is burning from the inside out. reports the slamming door kick-started the 29-year-old Arizona woman into feeling a “fire” inside her body that would not go away:

“The swelling didn’t go down, it was red and bruised, and I started getting electric shock pain.”


Hansen’s simple injury transformed into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which is described by experts as an injury that combines the triggering injury with a genetic predisposition for chronic pain. It creates a perfect storm, according to KRON, while symptoms of the disease can look different on each person.

The Mayo Clinic explains that the syndrome is an uncommon form of chronic pain that usually affects an arm or a leg, typically occurring after an injury, stroke, heart attack, or surgery. The pain is said to be out of proportion to the severity of the initial injury.

Hansen said:

“It feels like somebody has dipped you in gasoline, lit you on fire and put you in a trash compacter.”


The pain doesn’t stop at just her hand. It spreads and causes bloody sores to appear, going up both sides of her arms and all the way up to her scalp.

Expert and author of “Putting Out The Fire,” Dr. Katinka van der Merwe explained:

“She will literally feel the heat come up and it will blister and develop to sores. These people feel at least one or more body parts are on fire, literally burning alive. They’ll lose weight, can’t sleep at night, headaches often.”

Hansen described the horror she has been battling through since developing the syndrome, which terrorizes a person’s mind, as well:

“It’s known as the suicide disease. They take their own life because they feel so alone, and they’re in so much pain.”


Hansen is sharing her story of living with chronic pain to make people aware of this condition, hoping they will be urged to get treatment earlier, instead of putting it off.

Van der Merwe backs that up, saying millions of people are living through the highest level of pain a human can handle while going undiagnosed:

“You could have a child who has a fracture and if you didn’t know about this condition, you’re going to waste so much valuable time going from doctor to doctor.”

Hansen is not caving into the pain she is constantly suffering from and is fighting to find a way to heal, no matter what:

“If I have to go to different states[,] different countries, I’m going to keep going.”

The drive behind her determination is simple: “I want my life back,” she said.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help with Hansen’s medical bills.

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