Michelle Patterson was wiping down the handle of her shopping cart when she felt it.

As Fox 2 Now reports, Patterson was at a Walmart in Festus, Missouri, when she cut her hand on a shopping cart.

Screenshot/Fox 2 Now

As she wiped the handle of the cart, she felt a “prick” on her finger. When she looked closer, she noticed a razor blade stuck in the handle. And the blade was positioned in a way that was sure to cause injury. Patterson told Fox 2:

“To leave the blade it was crooked, so the sharp end was out and it just poked me. But a little kid, it could have been pretty bad.”

Fortunately, Patterson’s injury wasn’t severe. But she worries about what might have happened if a child or busy mom had ended up with the booby-trapped cart. She told Fox 2:

“The lady behind me had a toddler, that would have been her cart if I hadn’t been there first. That’s what upsets me.”

When police arrived to investigate the incident, they told Patterson the blade could have been left behind by a careless thief, rather than positioned to hurt someone. As she told WFMY News:

“[The police officer] said it was probably from a shoplifter. They’ve been using razor blades to cut the tags off items or open packages.”

Walmart expressed distress that someone would try to use a cart to hurt one of their customers or employees. In a statement to Fox 2, the company assured the public they were inspecting all their carts:

We’ve checked all shopping carts and are currently conducting regular checks. We’ve also reviewed surveillance footage and will continue working with police to find the person responsible.

Patterson says she doesn’t blame Walmart for the accident, but wants to warn others to be aware of the danger. After cutting her finger on the blade, Patterson visited the doctor to get her blood drawn and tested. She’ll have to go back again in six months for follow-up tests as well.

As Patterson told WFMY:

“The doctor mentioned a few things I could have. Tetanus, she said HIV or hepatitis. but let’s just hope it was clean.”

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