How much money would it take for you to get back with your ex?

For Eileen Murray, 53, it’s going to take more than winning a $273 million jackpot for her to get back with her ex-husband, Mike Weirsky, according to the New York Post.

Murray said:

“He’s not appealing to me all of a sudden because he has this money.”

Murray and Weirsky divorced in October after 15 years of marriage.

She declined to state the reason for the divorce. However, it’s clear that she was the sole breadwinner by the end of the relationship.

According to the Post, Murray worked as a cost analyst for a utility company, while Weirsky, 54, was unemployed. She said that she is still paying her ex-husband spousal support.

Despite her financial contributions, Murray said she doesn’t plan to seek repayment.

She said:

“I’m not going after anything. I have morals. I know what I’ve worked for and it’s everything that I have.”

However, Murray said despite her doubts, she hopes that Weirsky “does the right thing.”

Murray said:

“Think about it. How long did I work? How long did I support him? I had to give him a lot of money in the divorce. You tell me what’s the moral thing to do.”

Regardless of what her ex decides to do, Murray said she never plans to ask him for anything and doesn’t plan on talking with Weirsky for a few months. Although, he said during a press conference that she contacted him March 7.

She explained:

“He’ll think I’m there with my hand out and I have no intention to do that.”

Further, Murray remains positive and sends her ex-husband well-wishes.

Murray added:

“I truly wish him well … though I know he doesn’t believe that. I want him to surround himself with good people. I don’t think anybody should be taken advantage of.”

After taxes, Wiersky will collect around $162.5 million. Murray believes her ex-husband will use his winnings to support his family and possibly donate to animal charities.

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10 Replies to “‘I Have Morals’: Wife Says She’s Not Seeking Spousal Support Back Pay After Ex Wins $273 Million Jackpot”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    A woman with morals and self respect! Kudos to her!

  • Emma 2 years ago

    I’m so excited that an animal lover has won the lottery! I also hope that he is not taken advantage of by family and friends and thank him in advance if he does support animal rescues. My advice would be to educate the south on taking better care of their dogs, HEARTWORM preventative education and spaying and neutering and stopping these back yard breeders are all KEY to making a difference! Good for you sir and congratulations. As for your ex-wife. You should have done everything you could have to keep her. She sounds like a good, strong worman with morals. Please do the right thing!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Yes, an animal lover maybe – but he didn’t care at all it seems to help his wife while she was working and supporting him. He was taking advantage of her so karma karma karma

  • William conley 2 years ago

    Dude won 273 and the government gets to take almost half of it as “taxes” didn’t all the money spent by the millions of those who never win already cover the jackpot and already get taxed by the government? That’s some bullshit right there unless he chose the lump sum option then he’s just silly and deserves to lose a large chunk of it. I guess he’s older and thinks he might die before he would get all his money from those small portions they allow you to have without bending you over through the lump sum instant gratification.

    • Karen 2 years ago

      Contrary to what most people think, the government does not “take” the taxes up front. They withhold a percentage and then when you file your taxes you can get it back. It is considered income and is treated the same way. Smart people do the intelligent thing and get a reputable financial adviser and start investing in things that can “shelter” some of that money. Unintelligent people go out and buy million dollar houses, expensive cars and luxury items. For anyone that thinks the “rich” don’t pay their share of taxes then they should see how much “tax” is paid when you have an “income” in the millions and spent it unwisely.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I hope he has morals and does the right thing

  • Rev C 2 years ago

    Look as if Mike has a second chance to change his legacy, put God first and all will be well.

  • jim sparks 2 years ago

    I think if I were single id be chasing his ex full speed

  • Karen 2 years ago

    What is the big deal? So she supported him while they were married. That was her choice. Obviously, it didn’t work out or they wouldn’t be divorced. Why should he have to pay her back? If she had not worked and he supported her, would she give him part of her winnings? It’s called you’re divorced, move on already. If you believe in karma then you have to ask what is left out of this story. Karma seems to be in his favor to let him win after they divorced and no longer has any obligation to “share” with her.

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