Three weeks ago, 24-year-old Sydney Loofe posted on her Snapchat: “Ready for my date.”

According to reports, she was going on a second date with a woman she met through the dating app Tinder.

Sadly, she was never seen alive again.

The New York Daily News reported that Loofe’s phone was last pinged the night of her date, but it was then turned off. The Nebraska woman’s car and pet cat were left home, leading police to label her disappearance “concerning.”

But on Monday night, according to the Daily News, Loofe’s body was found. Authorities have yet to release any details surrounding where or how the young woman was discovered, but her family shared the devastating news with loved ones and community members on their Facebook page “Finding Sydney Loofe”:

It’s with heavy hearts that we share this most recent update with you all. … May God grant eternal rest unto thee. We love you Sydney.

However, among the hundreds of posts and comments their missing person page has garnered, people are especially concerned with one in particular: a strange video posted by the two people officials dubbed as persons of interest.

Bailey Boswell, the woman last seen on the date with Loofe, along with Boswell’s 51-year-old roommate Aubrey Trail, recorded themselves wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses stating “facts” around the case. The two were named persons of interest fairly early on in Loofe’s disappearance, but they say they are innocent.

Sydney Loofe/Facebook

Boswell said she and Loofe had a great time, that they smoked marijuana together several times, but that she dropped Loofe off at her friend’s house and hadn’t heard from her since. Trail, on the other hand, negated facts surrounding the case. Namely, that police were unable to find and/or contact them:

“We were at our house four days ago — no one showed up.”

Trail said he’d called the police station multiple times but was told to stop. He also said he provided police with his updated address but was still reported as a wanted man. He then accused the police of either lying or planting evidence, saying when officials raided his home and said they found a firearm, they never actually did:

“I have never owned a firearm in 20 years. The next day, according to the papers, the warrant was withdrawn. But the Lincoln Paper is not telling you the warrant was withdrawn because there was no firearm in my house.”

He continued, saying he does, in fact, have a record, but he’s no murderer:

“You’ve heard all this stuff about my criminal history — all true. Been convicted of bad checks and forgery and all that good stuff, but never been convicted of anything like, I guess, [what] I’m a person of interest of now.”

Trail added:

“As far as I know, I’m not wanted for anything. I’m a person of interest and I’m not really running from anything.”

The video was posted well before Loofe’s body was found; Boswell and Trail wished the family and Loofe well, saying they hope the woman is found. Two hours after it went up, the video was deleted from the Facebook page.

Now that Loofe has been discovered, it’s unclear if the video means anything more. Boswell and Trail are currently being held on unrelated warrants in the Saline County Jail. Although they’ve been named “persons of interest,” they have not been charged in Loofe’s murder or disappearance.

For now, messages of grief and condolences continue to flood onto the family’s Facebook page for the now-deceased young woman, and the community hopes they’ll have some answers sooner than later.

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