Jake Pate

Jake Pate didn’t realize that anyone saw his good deed. The next thing he knew, he was going viral.

As KPRC News reports, Pate was working as a clerk at an H-E-B in Lake Jackson, Texas two days before Christmas. The woman at the register didn’t have enough money to pay for her groceries, so Pate stepped in to help.

Pate’s thought his deed was secret, but a man waiting in line snapped a photo of Pate and wrote about it on Facebook:

I want everyone to meet Jake at H-E-B. I was about 3 people behind the lady checking out. She did not have enough money for the things she had on the counter.

Jake didn’t flinch or bat an eye. He noticed she could use the help, pulled his own wallet out, turned the credit card machine around to face him, swiped his own credit card, and casually said “Merry Christmas.”

The man added that, “Jake can’t be 20 years old, can’t make enough as a checker to have a ton of disposable income, but Jake made a decision to be a great person and make someone’s day, maybe their Christmas,” and urged people to, “be more like Jake.”

This is Jake.And what he did is outstanding.(And no he doesn’t work for State Farm)Ryan Birdsong posted this story…

Posted by Frank Somerville KTVU on Monday, December 24, 2018

As the post about Pate’s good deed gathered likes and shares, Pate kept working, unaware that his action had been noted. He told KPRC:

“I had no idea. I was just going about my day. All of a sudden, I’m all over Facebook, and it’s like this whole big thing.”

Though he helped the woman with no thought of reward, he soon received one. Shannon Whitley, who runs a scholarship foundation set up in honor of her late husband, saw the story of Pate’s good deed and awarded the clerk a $500 scholarship.

Whitley explained to KPRC that, “We wanted to recognize him and also encourage him to continue to show up for others,” Whitley said.”

However, Pate insists that he didn’t do anything special and called it, “undeserved attention.” He explained to KPRC that the woman didn’t have enough money because she had just helped pay for someone else’s groceries. By helping her, he was paying it forward:

“Because she did something good, I felt like it was my responsibility to return the favor. You know, in the spirit of doing good.”

With the scholarship reward, the chain of kind deeds continued, and Pate doesn’t want that to end. He told KPRC, he hoped people would, “just keep it going.”

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2 Replies to “When Woman Couldn’t Pay for Groceries, Clerk Stepped In. He Didn’t Know Anyone Was Watching…”

  • MariaRose 11 months ago

    Hopefully, he wasn’t disciplined by job for paying for order on his own register.

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    i would do the same. it would be a wonderful world if everyone was like this

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When Woman Couldn’t Pay for Groceries, Clerk Stepped In. He Didn’t Know Anyone Was Watching…

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