Mother-of-two Jessica is convinced she is going blind after hitting her head four months ago. However, Jessica’s ex-husband, Jonathan, said the woman’s obsession with her eyesight has been long-running — since the start of their marriage eight years ago.

Jonathan appeared on “Dr. Phil” to appeal for help regarding his ex-wife’s condition, which he said has seen Jessica refusing to shower, eat, dress, or care for their two young children. Jonathan explained:

“Jessica’s blind episodes happen randomly and last up to 30 minutes. Jessica will rock back and forth and walk in circles up to half-an-hour to ease the pain. Jessica will wake up and stay up for two hours straight crying, telling me how much her head and eyes hurt and no one understands.”

In an effort to prove her eyes have “shifted,” despite medical confirmation nothing is wrong, Jonathan said his ex-wife has taken over 900 pictures of her eyes and visited 25 doctors during the course of their eight-year marriage. The marriage ended recently when Jessica suddenly filed for divorce.

Jessica told Dr. Phil she divorced Jonathan because he didn’t believe she was struggling with the health of her eyes, which she described as putting her through “total hell”:

“I have to have complete darkness most of the time because any bright lights, it hurts. When I have these eye episodes, the pain is so severe at the back of the head and the crazy feeling. It’s, like, I want to hit my head on the wall to make it all go away. When you wake up and your vision’s blurry, you can’t see. It’s going to freak you out.”

Jessica acknowledged the determination to prove something is affecting her eyesight has negatively impacted her relationship with her children and admitted she wants to “come back” to her kids, too.

Jonathan told Dr. Phil he feared the effect of his wife’s behavior on the couple’s young children:

“My 7-year-old son has come to me and says, ‘Mom is sitting around holding her hands over her eyes,’ and that’s not just her, and it scares me. She used to be a loving and present mother. Now our children even say they don’t want to be around her. They want their old mom back … Our children are terrified of their own mother.”

In addition to speaking to Jessica and Jonathan, Dr. Phil spoke to Jonathan’s mother, Kathleen, who claimed her ex-daughter-in-law is either “mentally ill, psychotic, or maybe she’s just a spoiled rotten brat and a looney tune”:

“Jessica wants attention. She may be faking the whole thing. It’s so ridiculous because if she is faking it, there’s something wrong. If she’s not faking it, there’s something wrong. Either way, she has a mental problem that needs to be addressed.”

Kathleen further revealed to Dr. Phil she believed Jessica was “addicted to the drama” and also worried about the influence of the mother’s behavior on her grandchildren:

“Charlie is acting out at school because of the dysfunction at home.”

Despite the erratic behavior, Dr. Phil told Jessica’s family he “100 percent believes” what Jessica says is happening, is happening — to her:

“I believe she believes this 100 percent. I wrote a book a long time ago where I talked about the 10 laws of life and Life Law number 6 is there is no reality, only perception. Her reality is what she perceives to be going on. She perceives she is going blind.”

Jonathan said although he is “worn out” by Jessica’s behavior, he will persevere to find a solution: “If I didn’t love her and my children, I wouldn’t be doing it.”

Watch Dr. Phil diagnose Jessica’s condition below, including a review of her most recent eye exam.

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