Reddit user Jbuch never thought getting pregnant would be easy for her personally.

As Made for Mums reports, the woman explained in a post on Reddit that the removal of an ovary and a fallopian tube in 2014 left her convinced getting pregnant would be a “rough time.” But when her fiancé suggested they get a jump-start on baby-making before their wedding, Jbuch happily agreed:

I said “sounds fun!” And away we went!

Jbuch wrote she “had a blast” trying on wedding dresses over Labor Day weekend in 2015 as she sipped champagne and palled around with her good friends. The following day, however, brought unexpected news:

The day after I bought my dress, I got a reallllyyyy positive pregnancy test. “Whoops,” thought I. “That’s mighty inconvenient.” But, we had been trying for almost a year, and I was super excited.

The couple pushed back their wedding date, and they welcomed a baby in May 2016. Jbuch and her fiancé planned to tie the knot nearly one year later.

“That brings us to today,” Jbuch wrote.

With wedding dress in hand, yet again Jbuch received unexpected news:

My fiancé and I are FINALLY getting married on Saturday. Yay! (It only took 3 years!) I picked up my newly tailored dress (that I’ve only had on two times) this morning and headed to the grocery store. While there, I felt real nauseous. Huh. Might as well buy a pregnancy test, right? Just to confirm I’m not pregnant for the wedding, right? RIGHT?!

Guys. IT WAS POSITIVE. I’m pregnant. I’m having another baby. I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

Jbuch shared she is convinced her two pregnancies are a result of her wedding dress:

So tell your friends who are trying that I have a magical fertility wedding dress they can borrow once I’m done with it. Just put it on once and you’ll be pregnant before you know it.

And she wasn’t alone.

Many commenters shared their own uncanny pregnancy tales, also involving wedding dresses:

I had a similar experience with wedding dress shopping. I took 2 girlfriends to look for dresses for myself and then we discovered that day my one friend was pregnant. Then a few months later I went to the same store with the second girl to look for dresses for herself and the next day we found out she was pregnant. I always joke that people should not go to wedding dress stores with me unless they want to be pregnant.

Another wrote: “My old boss had a ceremonial ‘chair burning’ when we had 11 receptionists all get pregnant in a row (in like a 5 year period). No one else in the office got pregnant during that time, just the receptionists. Everyone was pretty convinced it was the chair.”

Another commenter said:

Whilst on my honeymoon, I touched a fertility idol at Ripleys believe it or not. Husband and I loled about it and thought nothing more of it. 6 montha later we decided to start trying for a baby. It took 2 weeks for me to get pregnant. 4 shags. DH was devo he didn’t get more practice!

Another shared: “I have a similar story! Except with going to Disney! First pregnancy I found out I was pregnant right after going to Disneyland for the first time! Second pregnancy I found out right after going to Disneyworld for the first time!”

One commenter said she’d seen firsthand what a “magical wedding dress” can do:

Congrats!! I work in a wedding dress shop and we have a magical dress, the last 3 brides to buy that dress design all fell pregnant before their wedding day. 1 bride came in for her first fitting and her boobs wouldn’t fit in the dress, she couldn’t figure out why and we double checked her measurements. The seamstress joked she could be pregnant, a few hours later she came back to the shop to tell us she had just taken a pregnancy test and discovered she was pregnant.

This Reddit user didn’t have pregnancy tale to share but a bit of caution for Jbuch instead: “My mom had 3 kids on one ovary/Fallopian tube! She said she was surprised each time! So just a heads up!”

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