One Australian woman’s “nasty” comment about small engagement rings has sparked a big debate on social media.

According to Mashable, it started earlier this month when Twitter user “Daymjina” posted a photo of a woman wearing a small engagement ring, along with a controversial caption.

Next to some crying face emojis, the woman wrote:

Imagine finally being proposed to & this is the ring you’re given.


Twitter users didn’t take too kindly to the woman’s “shallow” tweet. It wasn’t long before the photo started getting flooded with angry reactions, according to the Daily Mail.

Though it’s unclear if the woman was actually engaged herself, many Twitter users were outraged by the thought of someone mocking ring size.

Some wrote:

But not all the tweets directed at the “shallow” woman were filled with anger.

One woman, who goes by “Zoezoe” on Twitter, managed to shut down the Australian woman’s “nasty” tweet with one single picture.

It was a photo of her father’s engagement ring to her mother that many would consider as “small.” Zoezoe wrote:

The ring my dad gave my mother because he just wanted to marry her.

The simple tweet instantly sparked a massive reaction. Since it was posted, the photo of her parent’s ring has been like more than 13,000 times.

It was a reaction that Zoezoe said that she never expected. She said on Twitter:

Call me extra but I’ve never had this many likes or retweets.


It’s unclear what exactly the Australian woman thought of the Twitter user’s comeback, but she didn’t seem to appreciate all the attention she got from her viral ring post.

The “materialistic” woman has since set her Twitter profile to private so that only her followers can see her tweets.

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