According to Fox 8, there are posters hanging in the birthing unit of a Cleveland Clinic hospital that are raising some eyebrows.

The poster claims that a woman named Dawn Marie Brown is running a scam to raise money after telling people that she’s pregnant and has terminal cancer.

As WKYC reports, Brown’s husband, Cleveland Police Officer Ken Brown, suddenly retired on February 7 after people started questioning his wife’s story. This is allegedly the woman’s sixth marriage.

The latest fundraiser to raise money for Brown and her husband was held on January 14. According to WKYC, a blood drive fundraiser was held at the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association hall for the couple who is allegedly expecting a “beautiful baby girl” named Kassidy. More fundraisers reportedly took place in 2017.

WKYC’s report of Brown’s past creates a pretty interesting picture:

She’s made claims of being pregnant with cancer before, and a woman matching her name and description was suspected of scouting local hospital maternity wards in 2001. […]

Three divorce cases paint allegations of financial grabs and marital discord. One marriage ended back in 2000, with a court order requiring Dawn be “restrained from abusing, harassing, threatening, molesting and/or striking” her then-husband.

Another 2001 divorce proceeding ended with Dawn Brown being ordered to return a baby furniture set and other items to a different husband. Finally, a 2005 divorce case shows all issues were resolved after Dawn ended efforts to collect from that husband’s pension or retirement plan.

Brown is now accused, again, of “scouting the Fairview Hospital Birthday Center,” located in Ohio.

The information, which was provided to and reported by the Cleveland Clinic Police, also revealed that investigators are now concerned that Brown may try to take one of the babies being cared for at the hospital.

The poster reads in full:

Information has been received that Dawn Marie Brown is currently running an ongoing scam involving a fake pregnancy. As her story is now being publicly challenged, we request that you be on the lookout for Dawn Marie Brown. Brown is known to have scouted the Fairview Hospital Birthing Center and is most likened familiar with the area and procedures used. Investigators are concerned that Brown could attempt to try and take a baby from the hospital. If seen in your areas immediately contact your on-site Cleveland Clinic Police Officers.

Once the poster was obtained by Fox 8, the Cleveland Clinic released a statement saying that their patients’ safety is their number one priority.

It read:

Based on information we received from the Cleveland Police Department, we have taken extra measures to ensure patients are safe and secure at Fairview Hospital. We take this matter seriously and want to reassure our patients that their safety is our top priority.

Attempts made by WKYC to get in touch with Brown have yet to be answered. However, they did talk to one of Brown’s close friends who said that while she has no idea why Brown wouldn’t come forward with proof that she’s pregnant, the friend does believe Brown— she said she felt the baby kick.

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