A Boston bride is suing American Airlines for millions after she said a flight attendant purposely destroyed her wedding dress when they were en route to the ceremony.

According to the Daily Mail, blushing bride Yewande Oteh was heading to her dream wedding in Jamaica with her family in August 2015, when she got into a spat with one of the flight attendants, Melanie Masters.

It started when Oteh boarded the flight and tried to hang her dress in an airplane closet and was informed by Masters that she wasn’t allowed.

The lawsuit states:

American Airlines Flight Attendant ‘Melanie’ became indignant and agitated, and began to talk to Plaintiff in a hostile aggressive way, instructing her that the closet space was [sic] for passengers.

Posted by Yewande F. Oteh on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The two continued to argue as Oteh went to place the dress in an overhead bin in first class.

Masters allegedly gave the bride “attitude,” so Oteh reminded the flight attendant that she was “working for the passengers in a service position,” according to the Daily Mail.

The bride and her husband-to-be then kept an eye on the overhead bin during the flight and later allegedly saw Masters approach the dress.

The lawsuit states that the couple saw the flight attendant open the overhead bin while she was holding something with her left hand:

“Plaintiff alleges that it was her belief that the flight attendants were placing something in the bin and making fun of Plaintiff and her wedding gown.”

Robert Alexander/Getty Images

According to Cosmopolitan, the couple asked crew members to fetch her wedding dress when they got off the plane so that they could avoid Masters.

And when they got it back, the bride and her future husband were “physically and emotionally ill.”

The once beautiful wedding dress was completely soaked through with what appeared to be red wine.

The lawsuit states that when a crew member asked Masters what happened to the dress, she “smirked” and said that “something must have spilled inside of the wedding bag.”

Now, Oteh is trying to get payback. She’s suing American Airlines for $3.4 million in damages after the traumatic incident.

According to USA Today, the bride became physically ill due to the stress of having her wedding dress ruined and canceled up to $10,000 worth of wedding plans.

Oteh allegedly couldn’t look at the “absolutely unwearable and unfixable” dress “without crying, getting emotionally distraught and [becoming] severely saddened.”

The blushing bride was able to find a replacement dress for her wedding ceremony, but it looks like American Airlines may be paying up big time for allegedly ruining the dress of her dreams.

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