A woman attempted to steal a package from a Colorado homeowner’s front door on Wednesday, but she was stopped right in her tracks and shamed on video insead.

Renee Abeyta said a porch pirate picked the wrong home to steal from. She told KDVR:

“I was mad as hell. There was no way I was going to let her go.”

Screenshot/Fox 13

Abeyta told the station that she was doing chores during the daytime when she received a notification from her home security camera app that someone was at her front door.

The woman went outside to check but didn’t see anyone.

However, when she reviewed the camera footage, she caught an unknown woman swiping a package from her front porch.

Screenshot/Fox 13

Abeyta ventured outside to confront the woman, and saw her crossing the street to get away. She told Fox 31:

“I thought, ‘No way this is happening to me.’”

The homeowner then yelled for the woman to bring back the package, but she tried to flee so Abeyta chased her down.

Screenshot/Fox 13

Abeyta explained that she wasn’t sure why she reacted in this way:

“I don’t even know what came out of my mouth or even why I said what I did. It just happened.


I would have ran for as many miles as I had to to get my package.”

The woman stole a Crock Pot cover. 

Watch the video of the confrontation below:

The Bad Santa came out of me today. Never would I have ever acted out like this but when someone steals s#&& from you on camera my inner self said NO WAY!#badlanguagetheifI still can't believe what I did but wasn't about what they took but I was not going to let her get away with it in the middle of the day. Thank you Ring for the warning!

Posted by Renee Weber Abeyta on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Abeyta shouts at the stranger:

“What’s your name? Did you just steal something? Give it. I’m going to f**king call the police.”

While running the woman said in response:

“Leave me alone lady I didn’t take anything.

Eventually, she ran out of breath, stopped, and handed Abeyta her package.

As previously reported by Dearly, authorities have warned this time of year thieves are looking for packages to snatch from doorsteps.

According to a 2017 survey, 8 percent of Americans say they’ve had a package stolen during the holidays.

Watch the video below:

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7 Replies to “Woman Watches Porch Pirate Steal Her Package Before Chasing Her Down and Shaming Her on Video”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Break her legs. She won’t be able to steal anything anymore!

  • Evydev 2 years ago

    That has got to be the slowest foot chase I have ever seen.

  • Tom 2 years ago

    This is the time of year when I take all my trash out of the house wrap it up like a gift put a ribbon on it and leave it somewhere or you know it’s going to get stolen just just make sure you don’t leave any personal information the trash so you don’t get it back . This will accomplish two things one you get rid of your trash and the idiot That stole your package deserve the trash they got

  • Emma 2 years ago

    Whoa! I understand the woman chasing her. As the video continued I was concerned for her safety. I’m glad she got the package back. The thief….justice will prevail.

  • Fran 2 years ago

    Glad the package thief got caught! Post this video everywhere for all to see!

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