A wife took to Reddit after she and her husband broke the news to her mother-in-law that they want to live their life “childfree.”

The woman said that their conversation led to a rather unexpected reaction.

The poster, who goes by Becky_Lynch55 on Reddit, said that she and her husband are “adamantly childfree people.” She wrote:

For those of you who don’t know exactly what that means, basically we don’t want to have kids…ever. We are in our late 20’s and we enjoy our carefree lives so much that we decided that we thought it would be best to never have kids.

However, her mother-in-law didn’t take it well. She added:

We broke the “sad” news to my [mother-in-law] around the holiday season. Instantly she went into hysterics about how “the bloodline and family name will die with [dear husband].” Mind you [dear husband] has two youngers sisters, so I don’t quite think the “bloodline” is quite as dead as you think lady.

Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash

Despite the mother-in-law’s objection, she said that she’d respect the couple’s decision.

The wife said she and her husband weren’t in close contact with the mom for months, but she offered to come over and cook them dinner this week.

The mother-in-law arrived when the poster was still at work and sent her husband to the grocery store to pick up something.

She had no idea the mother-in-law was already in her home, and the mother-in-law had no idea that her daughter-in-law was getting back from work.

That’s when they had an awkward encounter. The poster wrote:

When I walk in I don’t expect anyone to be home and I casually make my way into our bedroom to change out of my work clothes. When I opened the door into our bedroom what I see is what looks like [mother-in-law] carefully trying to poke holes into our condoms.

Lisa Woakes/Unsplash

The mother-in-law quickly came up with an excuse for sabotaging their birth control, the wife wrote:

She snaps her head in my direction with this mortifying deer in the headlights look on her face. Like a fish out of water. She mumbles something about how she’s “trying to save the family” and frantically runs out of the house before I even have a chance to say anything.

She said the mother-in-law went to her car and left in such a hurry that she almost ran over the wife’s foot.

I caught MIL messing with my birth control! from r/JUSTNOMIL

Her husband said he couldn’t believe a “sweet old lady” would poke holes in their condoms.

After the incident, the wife said she’s worried there have been other attempts to sabotage their birth control, but she just doesn’t know.

She’s unsure of how to address the situation.

What would you do if you caught your mother-in-law doing this? Let us know in the comments.

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17 Replies to “Woman Catches Mother-in-Law Sabotaging Husband’s Birth Control After Revealing They Don’t Want Kids”

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Throw out every thing and start new. Put them somewhere else so MIL can’t mess with. I too am Chile free and LOVE IT!!! I’m in my 60’s now, so it does not matter anymore, for I can’t have any. WOOHOO!!!

  • Michael Bankston 1 year ago

    As a Catholic, I believe that all married couples should have children if possible. In addition, he mother – in – law might have hoped for a grandson so that the family name will continue.

    • Jonah 1 year ago

      I’m Catholic too, and I support married couples having children, but this couple is only in their 20’s. They have plenty of time to reconsider, if they ever do. It makes sense that the mother-in-law wants the family name to continue through a grandson, but that doesn’t give her the right to force her son and daughter-in-law to have a child when they aren’t ready. If she had been successful, I doubt she would’ve gotten her child. All she would have is family that hates her, and an aborted baby.

    • Elizabeth 1 year ago

      Why? So we can continue to overpopulate the earth and raise children in a miserable, disgusting world??? All for a LAST NAME?!?!?!?!? A NAME?!?!?!?!?

      My god. You people are morons.

    • Elizabeth 1 year ago

      Why? So we can continue to overpopulate the earth and raise children in a miserable, disgusting world??? All for a LAST NAME?!?!?!?!? A NAME?!?!?!?!?

      My god. You people are morons.

  • Jess 1 year ago

    The mother in law has a lot of nerve to try and control someone’s else lives and decisions. She’s got a lot of nerve and I’m glad she felt embarrassed, she should be embarrassed. I would feel ridiculous and stupid if I were her. How selfish. I wouldn’t blame the daughter in law for never wanting to talk to her again. If something is missing in your life, figure it out for yourself instead of manipulating other people’s lives. How stupid to try and force your kids to bring a child in the world when they don’t want one. It’s npt like she’ll be over everyday helping take care of the baby. This mom is pathetic.

    • Jess 1 year ago

      And religion has nothing to do woth this. If people don’t want kids, they decide that for themselves and no one else. Period. There’s enough people in this world and enough kids woth our homes and enough people who can’t have kids. The world won’t be hurting if this one couple decides to not have kids. Again this mom should feel ashamed of herself. Run and hide like the coward you are.

  • Jim Coates 1 year ago

    Throw out all the condoms you have now and banish the MIL from the house until you have your IUD. Change the locks if you have to, and put the new condoms in a locked storage place in the house. Of course, she should be disowned for life, but I realize that’s probably not an option for your DH. Disgusting intrusion of privacy.

  • Jen 1 year ago

    I don’t think I would have that woman in my household at all anymore. Who knows what else isn’t up to her liking. I have one child and have heard so much from people bc I didn’t have anymore… “don’t you want to try for a boy?”, “she needs siblings”, “You’ll meet someone who will change your mind”…. I am a single mother, I know what I can afford and the time I can give to my one child (and all her sports, events, bdays) has been generous. People pressuring other people to have kids or more kids is far from anyone else’s business. I did also get an IUD to prevent any accidents and that has been the best!! If the mother in law is this crazy about them having grandchildren imagine how she would be when they were born…

  • Margie 1 year ago

    If your current birth control has been working, continue with it. Throw out what your MIL tampered with and buy new. After all, that was a decision you two made as married adults. Do your research, an IUD does not prevent a sperm from fertilizing an egg. The device causes a spontaneous abortion/miscarriage. Also that has been known to fail and there are complications. Lastly, set boundaries as a couple. The MIL has violated your privacy and trust. She may not be in your house again without one of you present. Your bedroom and your bathroom are off limits to her. ( I assume that you have a guest bathroom or half-bath elsewhere.) Lock those doors. If you get pushback from family, calmly say actions have consequences and healthy people have healthy boundaries. This decision has been made by you and your husband.

    • Jennifer Smith 1 year ago

      All birth control has a failure rate, even when used properly, not just the IUD. And most birth control doesn’t stop the sperm (condoms do, but pills don’t). Most forms of female birth control just prevent a fertilized egg from being able to implant is all (which actually happens naturally anyway, they estimate that many women lose pregnancies for various reasons before they even know they’re pregnant, birth control just ups the chances pf that happening).

      Family line will continue if any member of that family has a child, doesn’t have to be the son, and the more she pushes, the firmer they will be in their convictions (if changing their minds was ever in the cards, it won’t be now). I mean, they’re using the pill and condoms, and getting an IUD. They haven’t gotten tubes cut or things removed. She should chill. Even if they got pregnant, that doesn’t mean they would keep the baby, and they would be very resentful of her. Adoption and abortion are both options. No one should be forced to have a child they don’t want. Especially when they are taking the responsible route to make sure their chances of having a child are reduced. Birth control is a pain, not using it is the easy option, but they are doing what is necessary to ensure they don’t have a child they don’t want.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I have a very dominating may I say German MIL! She has crossed the boundary line so many times throughout my husband and my 33 year marriage that has created conflict and chaos within the family. My husband was never one to set boundary rules until a year ago when she created a terrible situation. I also am a MIL and our oldest son told me he will never hesitate to tell me when I cross the boundary line and he hasn’t and I respect him and my DIL for that.
    This case is talking about something very private, very serious and life changing. This MIL really needs some boundaries set and that needs to come directly from guess who? Yes, her son.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I agree It’s your decision your mother-in-law just wanted to carry-on last name sorry mom I have a daughter who is 26 and she doesn’t want kids and I respect it

  • janet 1 year ago

    HA HA this is funny-seriously its not up to the mother in law or the young couple ultimately there is only one who can decide whether they should be parents or not-that one being GOD! If he wants them to be parents they will regardless of the form of birth control they use! So both young couple and MIL need to get over it and accept what God has in store for them.

    • MILES R LUTTERBIE 1 year ago

      You’re an idiot. God doesn’t control conception. God gives us free will. To believe in him or not, to have children or not, to be a good person or not, to post moronic statements on forums or not. This is sexual assault. And many posts are out of date. This woman did get pregnant because the mother in law tampered with her birth control pills. The couple may never have known if the woman can’t caught her putting holes in their condoms. Just because someone makes a responsible choice for their life, doesn’t mean it should be your choice. Nor is your opinion on procreation the only correct opinion. Perhaps your parents should have watched the movie “Idiocracy” before CHOOSING to, or ACCIDENTALLY, conceiving you.

  • Annie Entrekin 1 year ago

    first get rid of all the condoms and buy new ones. This MIL is manipulative and cannot be trusted, and that is sad for all involved. Put locks on your doors and when she comes lock your personal space. Don’t let your guard down because she probably isn’t finished yet. If it continues, ban her from your home, period.

  • Melissa 1 year ago

    Update-she is pregnant, & they haven’t decided what they are going to do. They also filed a police report against the mil. If she thought she would just give them a “gentle nudge” by deliberately sabotaging their responsible method of bc & she would get to be grandma in a big ol’ happy family of her design, she was VERY wrong. Instead she just ensured that if THEY do DECIDE to have a child, she will not be a part of its life. Nice work, mil. Way to go. Psycho!

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