The birth of Birgit Corey’s second son was supposed to be the one of the best moments of her life. But the celebration only lasted for a few days.

As The State reports, just days after Corey gave birth to her second child, Ryan, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Though Ryan was born five week premature — he weighed less than five pounds — he was described as a perfectly healthy baby.


Then doctors discovered a lump on Corey’s abdomen and took a look at the placenta. 

As The State reports, Corey’s diagnosis was far from the scariest part. Not only did she have melanoma of the liver, but doctors also found evidence of the cancer on the placenta, meaning it is possible that her five-day-old son could also have the disease.

Corey’s friend, Robin Alexander, wrote on the GoFundMe created to help the family raise money for medical expenses:

Rocky and Birgit Corey have had a rough few weeks. “Baby Ryan” (coined by big brother, Ben) arrived 5 weeks early and just under 5 pounds. He spent a few extra days in the hospital, but was able to come home soon after.

Unfortunately, that is where the happy news ends. Birgit, Ben and Ryan’s mom, found out only a few days after Ryan’s birth that she has cancer. And a LOT of it. The type that makes holding your new baby difficult. The kind that makes you fight. The kind you pray did not get passed along to your child.

Thankfully, as Alexander told The State, Ryan is in the clear for now:

“Right now the baby is OK. An MRI and ophthalmology have cleared him thus far. But the first year will be a challenge. He will have lots of doctors’ appointments and will require continual checkups to ensure there are no signs of cancer.”

Corey’s very aggressive cancer has already spread to the mom of two’s liver, spleen, breasts, lungs, and bones. However, as Alexander wrote on the GoFundMe page, there has been some good news:

The type of melanoma Birgit has is one that responds well to an excellent treatment. I won’t get into the specifics, but it’s very good. One that has, in many cases, shrunk the size of tumors to the point of being able to surgically remove or go away on their own.

Although the prognosis is “not good” given how aggressive the cancer has been, Alexander said they are staying hopeful:

“The hope is given her specific cancer, the treatment will shrink the tumors so that they can be removed with surgery. […] “I don’t want her to lose hope. There is always a chance.”

According to The State, Corey came to America from Belgium knowing only her husband—the father of her children.

She became a U.S. citizen while working as Alexander’s nanny before she landed a job working for the Criminal Justice Academy. Corey initially asked Alexander to refrain from asking others for money.


However, she soon realized that the money wasn’t for her, but for the well-being of her family. Neither Corey nor her husband, a veteran and a police officer, are working at the moment:

“I have to set my pride aside and accept help and receive. I’m facing something terrible.”

Corey is currently receiving treatment at home surrounded by her family. 

The family is very appreciative of everyone’s thoughts, prayers, gifts, and donations.

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